Introduction to State and Local Government

Improving government operations and enhancing services provided to the public

Many state and local government agencies use location-based data and technology to improve operations and enhance services provided to the public. They recognize the impact on their organizations when they use location to prioritize strategies, innovate, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

Government agencies are dynamic organizations, and understanding how ArcGIS aligns with business needs can be challenging. The lack of human capital and increasing complexity of today’s technology landscape make it difficult to develop and deploy solutions that meet organizational needs.

ArcGIS Solutions for State and Local Government reduce the time it takes to deploy location-based solutions in your organization. Leverage your geographic information and the investment your community has made in ArcGIS to improve operations and enhance services across a wide variety of business needs.


The safety of the food supply is essential to the public and vital to an economically sustainable agriculture industry. Use ArcGIS Solutions to inspect food supplies, monitor pests and diseases, encourage environmental stewardship, and promote economic growth of the agriculture sector.

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Assessment and Taxation

Property assessments determine the tax a property owner will pay, and the taxes collected from property owners finance education, infrastructure, public safety, and other services that benefit the community. Use ArcGIS Solutions to manage an accurate inventory of real property, describe who owns the land, analyze land value and associated improvements, share property information with key stakeholders, and maximize tax property revenue.

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Understanding where voters are in relation to the things that matter most to them reveals the true nature of the election process. In fact, location has always been the foundation of elections. Use ArcGIS Solutions to educate voters and increase voter participation, manage election day activities, track the performance of your election office, and deliver map-based election reports.

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Emergency Management

Providing decision makers with relevant information regarding the nature of hazards and the status of response activities is critical to crisis management. Any information latency delays response efforts and may result in additional loss of life and property. Use ArcGIS Solutions to become more resilient, develop preparedness plans, respond to emergencies, and inform internal and external stakeholders.

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Fire Service

Location is fundamental to the fire service and used to make decisions that protect life and property. It influences pre-planning activities and improves response capabilities. Use ArcGIS Solutions to understand risks, develop pre-incident plans, and improve actions taken in response to an incident.

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Fish and Wildlife

The increasing demands on wildlife agencies combined with stagnant funding sources is impacting the maintenance of natural habitats. Preservation of natural habitats for current and future generations is critical to wildlife management and the foundation for a full range of outdoor activities. Use ArcGIS Solutions to conserve fish and wildlife populations and promote outdoor recreational opportunities.

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Health and Human Services

Preparing for health emergencies and responding to human crises like the opioid epidemic, homelessness, food insecurity, and health or racial inequities has placed a renewed emphasis on geographic approaches to many complicated health challenges. Building communities that improve health outcomes and increase accessibility to health care is critical. Use ArcGIS Solutions to prevent the spread of diseases, analyze health care patterns and trends, maintain a clean environment, encourage healthy behaviors, and ensure access to healthcare services.

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Law Enforcement

Modern law enforcement agencies need location-based data to protect and engage the communities they serve. Many are seeking new ways to improve their relationship with the communities they serve and rebuild public trust that has been eroded by inequitable policing practices. Use ArcGIS Solutions to understand trends, increase transparency, and allocate departmental resources effectively.

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Natural Resources

The increased loss of natural areas poses an increasing threat to natural resources such as forests, riparian areas, and wildlife. Preservation of these natural resources for current and future generations is critical to a sustainable environment and the foundation for a full range of outdoor activities. Use ArcGIS Solutions to conserve and manage natural resources, protect and conserve fish and wildlife populations, promote outdoor recreational opportunities, and ensure sustainable commercial uses of natural resources.

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Planning and Development

Sustainable communities don't just happen, they require professionals dedicated to more livable and prosperous communities. Communities must balance the needs of their residents, infrastructure, and the environment to ensure they adapt to economic and demographic changes. Use ArcGIS Solutions to engage the community in your growth management plans, promote business diversity, attract talented citizens, and encourage quality places and neighborhoods.

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Public Works

State and local governments are stewards of most public infrastructure. In many places, years of neglect have resulted in crumbling roads, bridges in need of repair, outdated public buildings, and other critical infrastructure needs. High-quality infrastructure is essential to a community's economic vitality and quality of life. Use ArcGIS Solutions to maintain right-of-way assets, coordinate and plan capital investments, address transportation needs, respond to vectors and natural hazards, and engage the public in an effective way.

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Transportation is integral to a country's economy, infrastructure, and quality of life. Secure, timely, safe, and accessible transportation systems can change lives and transform communities. At the same time agencies are dealing with increasing service demands, technology silos and the lack of real-time data impact program effectiveness. Use ArcGIS Solutions to inform the public of service changes, manage transit safety reports and mitigation plans, monitor the performance of transit agencies, and partner with volunteers to keep transit stops safe and clean.

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