Introduction to Public Safety

Understanding the impact of threats and enhancing response and recovery efforts

Public Safety agencies use location-based data and technology to understand the impact of threats and hazards and enhance response and recovery efforts. Data-driven insight helps organizations gain deeper understanding and mitigate the impact of incidents or major emergency events.

The frequency, complexity, and impact of natural hazards and human threats is increasing. The lack of planning capacity and response agility along with limited access to technology and technical staff make it difficult to use technology to minimize the impact on communities.

ArcGIS Solutions for Public Safety reduce the time it takes to deploy location-based solutions in your organization. Leverage your geographic information and the investment your organization has made in ArcGIS to understand threats and hazards and create a safer community.

Emergency Management

Providing decision makers with relevant information regarding the nature of hazards and the status of response activities is critical to crisis management. Any information latency delays response efforts and may result in additional loss of life and property. Use ArcGIS Solutions to become more resilient, develop preparedness plans, respond to emergencies, and inform internal and external stakeholders.

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Fire Service

Location is fundamental to the fire service and used to make decisions that protect life and property. It influences pre-planning activities and improves response capabilities. Use ArcGIS Solutions to understand risks, develop pre-incident plans, and improve actions taken in response to an incident.

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Law Enforcement

Modern law enforcement agencies need location-based data to protect and engage the communities they serve. Many are seeking new ways to improve their relationship with the communities they serve and rebuild public trust that has been eroded by inequitable policing practices. Use ArcGIS Solutions to understand trends, increase transparency, and allocate departmental resources effectively.

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