Introduction to Defense

Helping defense organizations make strategic decisions and conduct tactical operations

Defense agencies use location-based data and technology to understand their total force, ensure operation readiness, and support missions and operations. Data-driven insight helps organizations integrate intelligence information and inform robust decision-making.

ArcGIS Solutions for Defense reduces the time it takes to deploy location-based solutions in your organization. Use your geographic information and the investment your organization has made in ArcGIS to conduct training and strategic planning, sustain and protect the force, and enhance the operational picture for situational awareness and response.

Civil support

Coronavirus Force Readiness solution
Coronavirus Force Readiness

Coronavirus Force Readiness can be used to understand force availability and share authoritative information with decision makers during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Operations Management solution
Operations Management

Operations Management can be used to respond to an event and manage resulting missions.

Readiness Management solution
Readiness Management

Readiness Management can be used to understand and communicate comprehensive unit and force readiness.

Resource Management solution
Resource Management

Resource Management can be used to monitor resource inventories at each unit or command.

Planning and operations

Beach Landing solution
Beach Landing

Beach Landing can be used to plan and execute amphibious operations.

Clearing Operations solution
Clearing Operations

Clearing Operations can be used to enable the use of a designated area of interest to support operations.

Distance to Assets solution
Distance to Assets

Distance to Assets can be used to find the shortest routes to and from bases and assets.

Incident Analysis solution
Incident Analysis

Incident Analysis can be used to identify patterns and trends of significant activity.

Military Features solution
Military Features

Military Features can be used to exchange geomessages containing features from standard military symbology sets between ArcGIS and other systems.

Military Overlay solution
Military Overlay

Military Overlay can be used to create overlays with standard military symbols, by using and adapting existing feature templates.

Military Symbology Styles solution
Military Symbology Styles

Military Symbology Styles can be used to create mission-oriented software that features standard military symbology.

Military Tools for ArcGIS solution
Military Tools for ArcGIS

Military Tools for ArcGIS can be used to simplify mission-focused defense and intelligence workflows.

Sun Position Analysis solution
Sun Position Analysis

Sun Position Analysis can be used to understand how date, time, and location affect detection by intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets.

Locate named place

Geonames Locator solution
Geonames Locator

Geonames Locator can be used to create a gazetteer-style locator from the geonames country files available through NGA.