Introduction to Business

Enabling businesses to deliver timely insight to increase profit and decrease risk using location intelligence.

Businesses use location-based data and technology to understand key performance indicators to increase profits, build their brand, and decrease risk. Business executives use location intelligence to gain insight on many factors such as risk, profits, and brand awareness. Data-driven insight allow businesses gain deeper insight allowing challenges to be foreseen in ways that could not be done otherwise.

ArcGIS Solutions for Business reduce the time it takes to deploy location-based solutions in your organization. Leverage your geographic information and the investment your organization has made in ArcGIS to deliver timely insight to increase profit and decrease risk.

Triage incidents

Fusion Center solution
Fusion Center

Fusion Center can be used to conduct threat mitigation on incidents affecting organizational assets from multiple event feeds.

Maintain business resilience

Business Resilience solution
Business Resilience

Business Resilience can be used to better understand the current status of asset locations.

Consume event feeds

Multi Source Data Feeds solution
Multi Source Data Feeds

Multi Source Data Feeds solution can be used to visualize global incidents in ArcGIS.

Conduct crime analysis

Crime Analysis solution
Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis can be used to enhance public safety, identify emerging trends, organize law enforcement operations and plan crime-prevention strategies.

Identify patterns

Incident Analysis solution
Incident Analysis

Incident Analysis can be used to identify patterns and trends of significant activity.

Manage and secure your event

Special Event Operations solution
Special Event Operations

Special Event Operations can be used to develop safety plans and monitor public safety operations during a special event.

Monitor performance

Market Development solution
Market Development

Market Development can be used to understand market characteristics and performance.