Introduction to Intelligence

Helping organizations turn data into actionable intelligence for more informed decisions.

In today's complex world, threat activity is not confined within physical borders and is not limited in scale. All types of threat (criminal actors and organizations, nonstate terrorist or insurgent networks, and revisionist nation-states) unite under intersecting structures and characteristics and employ diverse tactics, techniques, and procedures to threaten or harm the interests of communities, nation-states, and allied countries. Intelligence professionals at every level need technology to integrate disparate data, make sense of the noise, and disseminate actionable intelligence.

ArcGIS provides the platform to access networks of distributed services and content; visualize and interrogate spatial, temporal, and relational data; and identify unknown patterns and relationships. From robust analytics to apps that interface between collectors, consumers, and producers of intelligence, ArcGIS is an enterprise solution for intelligence professionals.

ArcGIS Solutions for Intelligence help you maximize the investment your organization has made in ArcGIS, reducing the time and effort needed to deliver timely and relevant intelligence products to decision makers.

ArcGIS Pro Intelligence
ArcGIS Pro Intelligence

ArcGIS Pro Intelligence is a workstation designed for the visual, analysis, and production needs of intelligence professionals.

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