Collect placemarks

As a mobile user, you can use ArcGIS Earth to quickly add placemarks and save them as a KMZ file for sharing.

Add and edit placemarks

To add and edit placemarks, complete the following steps:

  1. Tap the Toolbox button at the bottom of the screen and select the Add Placemarks tool Add Placemarks.
  2. Tap the add button Add to add a placemark. You can change the name, size, and color of a placemark, or adjust its location.
  3. Tap the Remove button Remove to remove the selected placemark.
  4. Tap a placemark in the scene to open its pop-up. Choose Edit to edit its properties or choose Share to save it as a KMZ file. Tap the Navigation button Navigation to redirect to a third-party navigation app.

ArcGIS Earth supports getting directions using navigation apps installed on your mobile device, such as ArcGIS Earth, Google Maps, and Apple Maps.

Share placemarks

Placemarks can be managed in Placemarks My Placemarks. You can control the visibility of your saved placemarks and delete one or all of them by tapping Remove. To share your work, tap Share to zip all placemarks as a single KMZ file and reveal the sharing options. Tap the Share KMZ button Share KMZ to share the placemarks via local apps. Tap the Upload button Share KMZ to upload all placemarks to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise via a signed-in account. Later, you can add the KMZ file to ArcGIS Earth on your desktop and continue editing from where you left off.