What's new in ArcGIS Earth 1.7


ArcGIS Earth 1.7 has been updated to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET 100.2.1.

With the latest ArcGIS Runtime SDK, ArcGIS Earth 1.7 includes enriched capabilities and optimized performance. Major performance improvements are as follows:

  • Improved UI responsiveness when loading content and navigating
  • Improved dynamic 3D visualization experience for feature layers
  • Enhanced label rendering in multiple languages
  • Support for billboarded symbols
  • Improved rendering performance for graphic layers, that is, KML, KMZ, and drawing elements
  • Enhanced support for transparency on feature layers
  • Reduced memory usage when viewing tiled layers and scene layers
  • Improved display of tile layers across the scene


ArcGIS Earth 1.7 added the following new feature capabilities:

  • Onboarding experience for first-time users
  • Identify metadata and attribute information for image service, map service, and WMS service
  • Reload disconnected data in the table of contents
  • Dump file mechanism


The following enhancements were made to ArcGIS Earth:

  • Improved support for OGC WMS and WMTS services
    • Get layer capabilities when adding OGC WMS
    • Get feature information of OGC WMS
    • Add WMS and WMTS from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise portals
  • Support additional raster file formats
    • High Resolution Elevation (HRE) raster format
    • JPEG 2000 format with .j2c and .jpx extensions
    • NITF format with the .nsf extension
  • Zoom to layer, Expand all, and Collapse all context menu operations for KML sublayers were added
  • Brightness, contrast, and gamma appearance settings for ArcGIS dynamic map services are supported
  • Import and add online images as a placemark icon or pop-up content of the drawing element
  • Display dynamic copyright information
  • Preview metadata of the listed portal items from the Add data pane
  • The loading experience for CSV and TXT data was improved

In addition, the following functional updates were made:

  • My drawings is now a separate folder in the table of contents.
  • ArcGIS Earth Automation API has been updated to adopt an asynchronous approach for the GetSnapshot method. System.Drawing.Bitmap GetSnapshot()was changed to Task<System.Drawing.Bitmap> GetSnapshotAsync().
  • Services refuse any HTTP request that has a Referer header, and a failure to access data will occur. You need to add an exception to the service configuration to allow requests with Referer set to http://arcgisearth.app/.