What's new in ArcGIS Earth 1.16

New features and enhancements in ArcGIS Earth are described below.


With the latest ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET 100.15, major improvements were made for the KML drawing and data filter.

  • New templates for drawing lines and polygons have been added to support creating predefined shapes.
  • Filter is supported to define expressions for determining which features are shown on the map.


ArcGIS Earth 1.16 introduces two important features: drawing templates and filter.

Drawing templates

Various predefined templates are now available for you to draw lines or polygons in free shapes or predefined shapes. Line templates include regular, right angle, and freehand. Polygon templates include regular, circle, rectangle, ellipse, and freehand.


Single expression or expressions combination can now be defined as a filter to determine a desired subset of features shown on the map. For a feature layer that has an original expression associated, the original expression is honored and can be removed in ArcGIS Earth.


The following enhancements have been added.

Remember certificate for PKI portal

A new Select a certificate window has been added. A certificate can now be remembered when being selected in the window for the corresponding portal. It can also be conveniently removed by clicking the Forget Certificate option in the portal context menu.

No Basemap option

A basemap can now be disabled anytime by clicking the No Basemap thumbnail at the end of the basemap gallery.

Summary tab for layer properties

Under the Summary tab in the layer properties window, description, data source, and spatial reference are redesigned. First, image, table, and hyperlinks, as well as various HTML formats including paragraph, list, font size, bold, and so on are now honored in the layer description for a portal item or service layer properties. Second, the data path or service URL can now be copied or open in an external browser with one click. Third, spatial reference information is organized and presented in table format and is more readable.

Automation API

New methods are added in Automation drawing API, including Add Drawing, Remove Drawings, and Clear Drawings. With the Automation drawing API, you can add the placemark, path, and polygon in ArcGIS Earth. Clear all graphic is also supported in 1.16.

Save/Save as in combination

The Save as panel is redesigned specifically for KML layers to clarify the Save as process. For an edited KML layer, the Save option in the right-click menu is removed and combined with Save as. The original KML data will not be modified only if you check the Replace the layer in table of contents once exported check box to ensure your edits are saved and automatically added to the table of contents to replace the original layer. On the other hand, unchecking this option will perform the common Save as function.