What's new in ArcGIS Earth 1.11

New features and enhancements in ArcGIS Earth are described below.


ArcGIS Earth 1.11 has been migrated from the .NET Framework to .NET Core. On this new platform, several new capabilities have been introduced and overall performance of ArcGIS Earth 1.11 has been optimized. Performance improvements are as follows:

  • The symbology workflow has been improved and two new symbol types have been added: Type (Unique Symbol) and Counts and Amounts (Colors).
    • Type (Unique Symbol) applies a unique symbol to every feature based on its attribute value. This symbology is used to show different types of data (categorical data).
    • Counts and Amounts (Colors) symbology applies graduated colors to features to show a quantitative difference. Data is classified into ranges that are each assigned a different color from a color ramp to represent the range.
  • The Bookmarks capability has been redesigned with a better workflow and more functionality.
  • ArcGIS Earth Automation API  has been upgraded to ASP.NET Core REST API by .NET Generic Host.
  • The accessibility of ArcGIS Earth has been enhanced, including a new design for keyboard shortcuts and use of the keyboard to move focus to and away in each tool.

what's new for 1.11


New data types

New data types include the following:

  • Support for both version 1.0 and 1.1 GPX files for online and offline use
  • Support for both GeoJSON files for online and offline use
  • Support for Web Feature Service (WFS), which is a dynamic feature service that follows OGC specifications


Daylight allows you to change how sunlight and shadows affect your scene during different times of the day and year. You can configure the sunlight and shadows effect, including time, date, animation methods, and show shadow.

  • Time—Set the start-up time zone, time, and date.
  • Animation sunlight and shadows over a year—Animate the daylight as it cycles through the months in a year in the scene.
  • Animation sunlight and shadows over a day—Animate the daylight as it cycles through the minutes in a day in the scene.
  • Show shadows—Display shadows in the scene.

Underground mode

Underground mode allows you to navigate data under the ground and adjust the transparency of the ground.


The following enhancements have been made:

  • Bookmark editing and management
    • Added a bookmarks description editing panel
    • Support for adding images and descriptions to bookmarks
    • Support for setting the transition effect to bookmarks
    • Added a bookmarks tab to manage bookmarks by group
    • Support for exporting bookmarks as KML files
  • Pop-ups
    • Support for pinning the pop-up window to the right corner
    • Support for maximizing the pop-up window
    • Ability to retain the pop-up status and position
  • Table of contents
    • Support for resizing the table of contents
    • Support for retaining the table of contents' size once it is collapsed
  • Automation API
    • Support for enabling the Automation API in ArcGIS Earth for users who do not have administrator privileges