What's new in ArcGIS Earth 1.10


ArcGIS Earth 1.10 brings a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

  • ArcGIS Earth for mobile (version 1.1) supports adding data from a QR code. You can add web scenes, ArcGIS services, and portal items to the ArcGIS Earth mobile app by scanning a QR code generated from ArcGIS Earth on your desktop.
  • ArcGIS Earth supports KML editing workflows, including editing of the feature geometry, graphic styles, and the file structure, and saving as a new KMZ file.
  • Added mobile scene packages, point cloud scene layers, and point scene layers as new data types, and enabled access to ArcGIS Living Atlas.
  • Support for symbolized feature layers and viewing the layer legend in the table of contents.


KML and KMZ editing

  • Support for editing and saving KML and KMZ files
    • Edit KML geometry, including vertices, altitude, feature position, and 3D extrusion.
    • Edit layer properties, including pop-up information, fly-to view, refresh rate, and feature styles.
    • Edit KML documents, including file structures, and cut, copy, paste, and add new features to an existing KML folder.
    • Support for saving KML edits or saving as a new KMZ file.
    • Support for saving a copy of edited KML files on exit.
  • Support for adding, editing, and saving KML screen overlays
  • Support for adding, editing, and saving KML ground overlays
  • Support for adding, editing, and saving KML network links
  • Enhancements to KML error message display
    • Display the exact error message for KML schema errors and XML language errors.
    • Locate the error line for XML language errors.

New data types

  • Support for mobile scene packages for online and offline usage.
  • Added ArcGIS Living Atlas as a separate category for adding data and filtering Living Atlas contents.
  • Support for point cloud and 3D point scene layers.


  • Symbolize feature layers with the Single Symbol and Dictionary methods:
    • Support for importing mobile styles and dictionary styles (five military symbol specifications from Esri styles).
    • Support for extruding features to 3D symbology.
  • Display a layer legend in the table of contents.


  • Generate a QR code for web scenes, ArcGIS services, and portal items to collaborate with ArcGIS Earth on mobile devices.


  • Enhanced geometry editing workflow
    • Added an editor toolbox.
    • Added the XYZ axis for 3D editing.
    • Support for adding new vertices to the existing drawing element.
    • Support for specifying XYZ for a selected vertex.
  • Enhancements for administering configurations
    • Support for specifying mobile scene packages, web scenes, WMS sublayers, point cloud scene layers, and 3D point scene layers as startup layers.
    • Skip the URL check at startup.
    • Configure hyperlink and text display on the user interface for dictionary symbology.
  • Usability enhancements
    • Display web styles for feature layers.
    • Added text box for slider control.
    • Usability improvements for animated interactive analysis.
    • UI indicator when selecting a basemap group.
    • Loading animation.
    • Autosave edits in the workspace.
  • Performance improvements
    • Improved rendering performance for point feature layers and raster layers.
    • Improved loading performance for integrated mesh scene layers.