Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.7

Bug: ArcGIS Earth 1.7 incorrectly truncates location values when displaying data from TXT and CSV files.

When importing a CSV or TXT file into ArcGIS Earth and a zero (0) occurs immediately after a decimal point in either coordinate location axis, ArcGIS Earth defaults to the next digit and places the zero (0) at the end of the Geo Coordinate. This is a known critical issue (BUG-000115251). After a complete investigation, it was determined this issue only impacts ArcGIS Earth version 1.7 and no other released versions.

Issues addressed

The following list describes reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.7:



KML placemark labels with some Asian characters (for example, Korean and Thai) are displayed as boxes.


KMZ files with Chinese characters do not display in ArcGIS Earth.


Missing texture display for the KMZ file that contains a textured 3D model.


KMZ file with description attributes fails to display.


Unable to display Japanese characters for KML placemark labels.


ArcGIS Earth renders some KML files with 3D models poorly.


Complex KML files draw significantly slow in ArcGIS Earth.


.jp2 raster files with 16-bit unsigned integer do not display in ArcGIS Earth.


Basemap pixelation effects briefly occur when clicking a pop-up in the viewport.


Attempting to open the pop-up of a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Earth returns an error.


WMTS services do not display properly at the last level in ArcGIS Earth.


3D models have distorted and flashing textures when viewing some scene layer packages.

Known limitations

The following list describes known limitations in the current release. A workaround to each problem is given.


Cannot directly add a secured service to ArcGIS Earth if it's from an ArcGIS Enterprise portal that is secured via PKI Oracle Access Manager.

Sign in to the portal before adding the secured service to ArcGIS Earth.

Group feature services and group scene services configured in Startup layers cannot be refreshed when ArcGIS Earth is switched back from the disconnected environment.

Restart ArcGIS Earth, or specify the URL of the sublayer instead of the URL of the group layer in the configuration file if you're an administrator.

A local raster without spatial reference information cannot be added to ArcGIS Earth.

Make sure your local raster data is defined with a spatial reference system before adding.

Cannot display custom icons for placemark drawings if a workspace from a previous version with an empty workspace in the user's data directory is imported, for example, C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming.

In your workspace folder of the previous version, rename the icons folder custom_icons, and move it out of the data folder. Then import the workspace to ArcGIS Earth.

Cannot display the scene layer package when lodSelection.maxError is set to 0 for each node.

Re-create your scene layer package with a correct format following the i3s spec.

Known issues

The following list describes known issues in the current release and are planned to be fixed in future releases:

FeatureIssue description


Vector tile layers are currently not supported. If your basemap includes a vector tile layer, it will be discarded.

Image service

ArcGIS Earth currently only supports displaying an image service with user-defined renderer rules.

Map service

Pop-up information is returned when you identify a map service that does not comply with the scale range settings of the layer.


  • Cannot add CSV and TXT files if the path URL uses HTTP protocol.

  • Cannot add a CSV file with SHIFT_JIS encoding.


  • Adding a KMZ file to ArcGIS Earth from ArcGIS Online returns an error if the item is private.
  • KMZ files created with a specific output image size in ArcGIS Pro do not display in ArcGIS Earth.


When saved from a drawing, the label size of a KML file may not display correctly when it's drawn in ArcGIS Earth.


Measurement information is incorrect if the polygon or circle is drawn across the 180°W/E longitude line.

Disconnected environment

Identifying or reordering shapefiles may cause ArcGIS Earth to crash if you're working in a disconnected environment.

  • If you receive a proxy authentication error message, openArcGIS Online from Internet Explorer (IE) to check whether it works. ArcGIS Earthuses the default Internet proxy setting, so if it works in IE on the server, it should work here as well.
  • If you have a black screen issue, check whether your computer meets the application system requirements, especially regarding the graphics card and the DirectX version.
  • If you encounter unclear basemap imagery, check the proxy and firewall settings on your computer.
  • If you see an Esri.ArcGIS Runtime.ArcGISDirectXException:DirectX failure error message in ArcGIS Earth on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, check Windows Update to install recommended updates on your computer.