Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.13

Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.13 are provided below.

Issues addressed

The following table lists reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.13:



ArcGIS Earth fails to load a WMS service enabled from an image service.


Adding a mosaic dataset image service with Allowed Mosaic Methods 'Default method : By Attribute and Order Field : Date' gives the error String was not recognized valid Date_Time error when the service URL is added to ArcGIS Earth.


When viewing a map service with a set visibility range in ArcGIS Earth, pop-ups will still display when features are not visible.


When adding the URL of the configuration file hosted over ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS Earth, the Unable to load configuration settings error message is returned.

Known issues

The following table lists known issues and limitations in the current release:


KML/HTML window

Some videos using H264/AAC codecs cannot be played in ArcGIS Earth.

Time slider

When data falls outside of the time interval, it is still displayed in ArcGIS Earth.

Feature service

Feature service fails to load when it contains SVG symbols.


Arabic strings display as boxes after applying italic style on the Info tab of the Properties dialog box.

Visibility range

Preset maximum or minimum scale of the web map cannot be read in ArcGIS Earth.