Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.9

Issues addressed

The following table describes reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.9:



Adding KMZ file to ArcGIS Earth from ArcGIS Online returns a 403 or 498 error if the layer is private.


ArcGIS Earth 1.6—Unable to add CSV with SHIFT_JIS code, with the error message Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Transparency in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise on a feature layer does not show in ArcGIS Earth.


ArcGIS Earth crashes when a specific service is added.


ArcGIS Earth does not honor custom pop-ups made in ArcGIS Online.


The error message The layers tiling scheme can't be adjusted to align properly with the current Earth spatial reference is returned while adding the specific Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) service in ArcGIS Earth 1.7 or 1.8.


L10N-UI-JA/ES/ZH-CN/TH: Some strings are cut off on the setting dialog box of navigation tab.

Known issues

The following table describes known issues and limitations in the current release:



  • KML network link with refresh mode of onRegion is not supported.

  • Fly to view on Refresh is not supported if the flyToView parameter is not specified or the value is set to 0 in the KML network link.

Scene layer

Unable to display point scene layer and point cloud scene layer.

Web scene

Scene layer does not honor style color when it's loaded from a web scene.

Feature service

  • Feature service fails to load when it contains SVG symbols.
  • Feature layer with DrawInfo expression is not applied.
  • Feature service with expression based symbology is not rendered in the scene.

Image service

  • Image service with default raster renderer does not fully display.
  • Customized pop-ups of portal item configuration for image service are not supported.


Shapefile is not fully rendered when x-coordinate >=180.