Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.11

Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.11 are provided below.

Issues addressed

The following table lists reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.11:



ArcGIS Earth fails to load a KMZ ground overlay that is embedded within a folder from a URL path.


ArcGIS Earth 1.8 displays the first layer only when a hosted feature service with multiple layers is added via Add Data from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1.


Drawing line data in ArcGIS Earth at a higher altitude does not honor the Draped (clamped to ground) altitude property.


KML network links that result in a P3P error cause ArcGIS Earth to crash.

Known issues

The following table lists known issues and limitations in the current release:



Shadow on terrain is not supported.


If the feature layer is from a portal item or inside a group, adjusted symbology is cleared once you exit ArcGIS Earth.

Underground mode

  • Camera control may be sensitive while navigating data under the ground.
  • There may be gaps on the basemap after enabling underground mode.
  • With the Atmosphere effect on, changing ground transparency may cause rendering issues.
  • Point data may be attached to the ground in certain circumstances.

Automation API

When calculating a new camera in ArcGIS Earth, the roll value shows as 0.