Release notes for ArcGIS Earth 1.10

Issues addressed

The following table describes reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.10:



ArcGIS Earth 1.9 for Windows does not display line strings from KML files as it did in version 1.8.


ArcGIS Earth does not display scale-dependent KML layers.


Provide functionality in ArcGIS Earth to view the static latitude and longitude values for imported KMZ points.


Secure KML network link generated in ArcGIS Server does not display data in ArcGIS Earth.


In ArcGIS Earth 1.9, the add data window for a portal intermittently does not display any content or categories for content when the app is opened already signed in to a portal site.


Unable to sign in to a public key infrastructure (PKI)-enabled Portal for ArcGIS ArcGIS Earth using built-in credentials via the following URL: https://machine.domain:7443/arcgis.


Custom address locator in Portal for ArcGIS fails to search addresses in ArcGIS Earth 1.8.


Add Data option in ArcGIS Earth fails to fetch content from Portal for ArcGIS.


ArcGIS Earth 1.7 does not load the raster Landsat Shaded Basemap from Living Atlas if supplied through a group in Portal for ArcGIS 10.6 or ArcGIS Online.


Runtime license message displays.


In ArcGIS Earth 1.9, the average slope values in ArcGIS Earth change when Flip Direction is selected in the Elevation Profile dialog box.


The point unique symbology with Customer (Expression) is displayed incorrectly in ArcGIS Earth.


Map services are slow to load in ArcGIS Earth, and when they do render, they are low resolution.


Scene layer package has red and yellow bands in ArcGIS Earth if transparency and atmosphere effect is applied.


Scene layer package has white speckles in ArcGIS Earth if transparency is applied.


ArcGIS Earth does not display the hosted feature service from ArcGIS Online if an expression-based symbology is applied to the hosted feature service.


ArcGIS Earth crashes when trying to draw polygons at either an absolute height or a relative height if you are using a custom terrain surface, rather than the default.


ArcGIS Earth crashes when drawing 3D polygons with the draped altitude setting when using a custom terrain service with Koop services present in the application.


ArcGIS Earth failed to load Terrain3D image service from ArcGIS Data Appliance 7.0.

Known issues

The following table describes known issues and limitations in the current release:



  • Draw order setting of the polygon is not supported.
  • Rotate setting of the screen overlay is not supported.
  • Ground overlay of .tga, .ppm, and .pgm files cannot display.
  • Ground overlay with absolute altitude can not display.
  • Editing is limited for multigeometry collection. Only editing of the first item is supported.


  • Can not display the legend of imagery layers and scene layers.
  • Can not keep the symbology configuration of feature service.

Web styles

  • Only web styles that contain IconSymbol3DLayer and ObjectSymbol3DLayer are supported.
  • UniqueValueRenderer from the style is not supported.

Feature layer

Feature visual variables set to a web scene can not work.

Scene layer

  • Visual variables are not supported for scene layer.
  • Only scene layers that are in WGS84 coordinates will display in ArcGIS Earth.


Data service can not be successfully added after entering credentials from the authentication panel. A workaround to this is to add the data service again after you entered the credentials, or sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise before adding data from the portal.

Mobile Scene Package

Mobile scene package which contains web layers is not supported.