Access the help documentation

ArcGIS AllSource help documentation is provided online and through the installed help. If you can't access the help documentation through either means, a compact version of the help can be used instead. Context-sensitive help is also provided through the user interface in the form of ScreenTips, messages, and pop-ups.

Open the help

You can open the help by doing any of the following:

  • In the upper right corner of the application window, click the View Help button. This button is always available.

    View Help button

  • On the start page, click Help Help.
  • In an open project, click the Project tab to open the Settings page. On the Settings page, click the Help tab on the left.
  • Open a web browser to

Set the help source

By default, ArcGIS AllSource uses the installed help that is installed with the application. If you work in an online environment, you can change the help source to the online help. You can also switch between the online and installed help.

  1. Open the ArcGIS AllSource Settings page by doing one of the following:
    • On the start page, click the Settings tab Settings.
    • In an open project, click the Project tab on the ribbon.
  2. In the settings list on the left, click Options.
  3. On the Options dialog box, under Application, click General.
  4. Under Set general options for ArcGIS AllSource, expand Help source and click an option:
    • Online help from the Internet.
    • Offline help from your computer.
  5. Click OK.