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Make your first app

Step 1
1Create new app
Step 2
2Pick style
Step 3
3Select map or scene
Step 4
4Add widgets
Step 5
5Configure attributes
Step 6
6Preview and launch

1 Create new app

Access Web AppBuilder from Map Viewer, Scene Viewer, Gallery, or My Content.

  • To create a 2D app, open Map Viewer, click Share and click Make a Web Mapping Application. Click Web AppBuilder. To create a 3D app, open Scene Viewer, click Share and click CREATE A WEB APP. Click Web AppBuilder.
  • You can also start from the Esri Featured Content > Apps section of the Gallery and choose App Builders.
  • From My Content > Create> Apps, choose Using the Web AppBuilder. By default the 2D option is checked. If you want to build a 3D app, check the 3D option.

2 Pick style

Configure the look-and-feel of the app by picking a theme. A theme includes a collection of panels, styles, layouts, and pre-configured widgets.

3 Select map or scene

Select a map or a scene you've created or choose one from your own organization. If you open the Web AppBuilder from Map Viewer or Scene Viewer, you will already have a map or scene selected but you can change it.

4 Add widgets

Widgets give your app functionality, such as print and overview map. Each theme has its own preconfigured set of widgets and you can add additional ones.

5 Configure attributes

Attributes allow you to customize your app banner with a logo, title, hyperlinks and so on.

6 Preview and launch

Preview the responsive app with popular device screen sizes (2D apps only). When ready, save and launch.