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Known issues

The following questions and answers describe features of Survey123 that are planned or in progress.

For a list of known error messages that you may receive when saving or publishing a survey, see Troubleshoot.

To report or learn more about bugs in Survey123, visit Support.

The Survey123 for ArcGIS field app fails to start, and an error message appears stating that the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file is missing.

This message indicates that the Universal C Runtime in Windows components, which are required for running Survey123, are missing. These components were distributed in a Windows update that can be downloaded from Windows support.

The Survey123 for ArcGIS field app fails to start on Windows 8.1, with an error message stating that this Windows version does not support the required Bluetooth API.

This is an error with the underlying Qt Bluetooth plug-in implemented in the Survey123 field app not recognizing support for Windows 8.1. This can be solved by renaming certain files used by the app.

  1. Browse to the Survey123 installation location. By default, it is installed to C:\Users\CurrentUser\Applications\ArcGIS\Survey123forArcGIS\.
  2. Open qml\ArcGIS\AppFramework\Devices.
  3. Rename AppFrameworkDevicesPlugin.dll to AppFrameworkDevicesPluginWindows10.dll, and AppFrameworkDevicesPluginWin7.dll to AppFrameworkDevicesPlugin.dll.

The app now starts successfully.

There are corrupted characters in the Survey123 field app in my language of choice, but not in others.

Corrupted characters may be caused by the font that the Survey123 field app uses, Avenir, not fully supporting characters in other languages. This can be solved by providing an alternative font. To do this, from the Settings menu on the main screen of the Survey123 field app, open the Text page and select another font available on your device.

My link to open Navigator for ArcGIS to a specific location isn't working.

Currently, links to open Navigator to a location defined by a question in Survey123 are not functional, because the way a geopoint is formatted by Survey123 doesn't match the Navigator URL scheme. This is planned to be addressed in a future release.

Sending one survey sends all surveys currently in the outbox.

Selecting the Send Now button for one survey sends every survey in the outbox. You cannot send a single survey while other surveys remain in the outbox, so make sure all surveys in the outbox are ready to be sent before doing so.

Attempting to send pending surveys fails, displaying error code 0 with no description.

There is a bug on some devices that causes all network requests to fail after the device has been offline for any amount of time while the app is running. As a workaround, closing the Survey123 field app entirely and reopening it will allow you to send your surveys without issue.

While I can edit a survey that contains photos, when I take a new photo, the original is not replaced.

Attachments are currently not supported by survey editing.

The inbox appears to stop responding during a query.

This can occur due to the following:

  • The number of records being returned by the inbox query may be too large. It's recommended that your list of surveys to edit be short.
  • The inbox query created when authoring the survey is invalid. Currently, no syntax checking is performed by Survey123. This is planned for a future release.
  • The inbox query created when authoring the survey includes functions. Currently, functions are not supported in inbox queries.

My inbox query is only returning 1,000 records when I know there are more than that in the feature service.

A maximum of 1,000 records will be downloaded to the Survey123 field app. This is a limitation of the underlying feature service.

I am unable to edit survey data from a nonfederated feature service.

Currently, editing is limited to hosted feature services only.

Browser-based sign in doesn't automatically return to the app on Windows and Linux.

This is a known limitation of browser-based sign in with Windows and Linux operating systems. These platforms instead provide a string of text to paste into the app that will complete the sign-in process. This workaround is intended to be replaced by the functionality seen in other platforms in the future.

I can't sign in to Survey123 for ArcGIS on a Linux machine.

The OpenSSL 1.0.2 libraries used by Survey123 aren't provided with some Linux distributions, causing errors when making HTTPS requests, which are needed for OAuth login. This can be solved by installing the correct version of SSL, using the command sudo apt-get install openssl1.0-dev. Survey123 3.1 and later also include OpenSSL 1.0.2 libraries in the Linux installer, meaning that this workaround is not required.

I can't sign in to a portal configured with SAML authentication using iOS.

Apple's default security processes for apps requires Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 in a server's SSL settings. If the SAML server is using an earlier version, request that this be updated for your server.

The camera view on iPhone is rotated 90 degrees when I hold the device in landscape orientation.

This is an issue with the camera view on an iPhone specifically; the issue is not present on an iPad. It does not affect the orientation of the photo, which remains correctly in landscape orientation. As a workaround, locking your phone's rotation will allow you to take photos while holding the phone in landscape, although it will initially be saved in portrait and should then be rotated.

Decimal commas can't be entered on some Samsung devices.

The default numerical keyboard on some Samsung devices does not support decimal commas, causing decimal questions in locales that require decimal commas to be unable to accept a valid answer. This problem is only present on the default keyboard provided on some Samsung devices and can be avoided by using an alternate keyboard that does support decimal commas.

When taking a photo on a Windows device, the photo is smaller than the camera's maximum resolution, even when the survey is set for an unrestricted image size.

This is a limitation of Survey123 on some Windows devices that causes the app to be unable to correctly read the camera size. As a workaround, attaching an image taken in another app, such as Windows Camera, will ensure the highest-resolution image is sent with your survey.

Date fields with appearances that are left blank default to January 1, 1970, when opened from the inbox.

There is currently no empty value handling supported for using the year or month-year appearance types for date questions. These controls cannot display and do not have an empty value option. Surveys loaded from the inbox with a date field using these appearance types will default to January 1, 1970, the date that Epoch time uses.

I'm receiving errors when trying to use Spike with Survey123 on iOS.

To ensure that Spike integration works as intended on iOS, the following system permissions need to be set:

  • Both Survey123 and Spike need to have access to the camera.
  • Both Survey123 and Spike need to have read and write access to photos.
  • In the photo settings, the iCloud photo library should be disabled.

The compass readings from Spike aren't accurate.

Spike has its own compass calibration process, which should be performed to ensure accurate compass readings. For information on this calibration process, see ikeGPS' Spike tutorial.