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Frequently asked questions

How can I submit data to my surveys?

Once a survey is published, you can share it with one or more groups in your ArcGIS organization. At that moment, your survey will be available to users, who can submit data through the Survey123 field app. Surveys created on the web can be accessed directly over the browser from your desktop or mobile device, making it easy for people to capture data right away. Surveys created on the web or in Survey123 Connect can also be downloaded to your desktop or mobile device and used in the Survey123 field app. The Survey123 field app is a more robust approach to data capture, supporting online and offline workflows as well as very large surveys.

Do I need to be an ArcGIS named user in order to use the Survey123 field app or web form?

Not for public surveys. Once a survey is made public, anyone can submit data to it. No ArcGIS account is required.

What ArcGIS role do I need to have to use Survey123?

To publish a survey, the minimum privileges required are as follows:

  • Create content
  • Publish hosted web layers
  • Share maps and apps

Typically this would be a Publisher role, but you can also create a custom role in your organization that contains only these privileges.

To use a survey, the minimum privileges required are as follows:

  • Use maps and apps
  • Join groups
  • Edit features

Typically this would be a User role, but you can also create a custom role in your organization that contains only these privileges.

For additional details, see Organization roles.

Can I share my survey with users outside my organization?


Invite the user's ArcGIS organizational account into a group in your organization, and share your survey with that group. The user's account will still be a part of their own organization, but they will be able to access your organization's surveys.

How accurate is the location captured by the Survey123 field app?

The Survey123 field app relies completely on the ability of your device to capture locations. This means accuracy will vary from device to device. Ensure that you choose the correct device for your data collection needs.

How can I improve the location captured by my device?

You can improve the accuracy of the location captured by your device by using an external GNSS receiver.

There are a broad range of GNSS receivers that can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Can I work with a device that does not have a data plan?


Connect to Wi-Fi to download the Survey123 field app, as well as any surveys you need to take to the field. You can then begin capturing survey information without a data connection. All of your survey results will be stored locally on your device. When you return to the office and have a Wi-Fi connection, you will able to submit your data. This workflow can also be used when running ArcGIS Enterprise behind a firewall.

Can I work offline?

Yes. Your surveys will continue to work while disconnected.

If you've included a geopoint question in your survey, be sure to also include an offline basemap in your survey. For details, see Prepare basemaps for offline use.

How can I integrate Survey123 with Workforce for ArcGIS?

Workforce for ArcGIS works well with Survey123 for ArcGIS, allowing dispatchers and mobile workers to communicate as they complete assignments. You can integrate with Survey123 to provide mobile workers a clean transition between updating their assignments in Workforce and capturing data in Survey123. To do so, create your survey, and configure Workforce to open that survey. For details on configuring Workforce, see Integrate other Esri apps. You can also learn more about Workforce through its resources.

Once you've configured your Workforce project, mobile workers can open Survey123 through Workforce, opening Survey123 with the associated survey and also creating a geopoint at the location of the assignment.

Why can't I see the Sent box or the Inbox for my survey?

The Sent box and Inbox can be disabled by the survey publisher.