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Share survey

After publishing your survey, it must be shared before it can be used by others.

Sharing of surveys is managed in the Survey123 website.

Share your survey

After publishing your survey, you can share it with others.

A message on the Overview tab of the Survey123 website states that the survey is currently private.

Private message in the

This means that no one but you can submit a survey. You can change this setting on the Collaborate tab, which is accessible either through the navigation at the top of the page or by clicking private now in the message on the Overview tab.

The Collaborate tab initially opens to the Submitter section. This section gives you the following options to decide who can submit responses to your survey:

Options on Collaborate tab
  • Everyone (Public)—Allows anonymous users to submit responses to the survey.

    Anonymous users will be able to see all other responses that were submitted anonymously. No respondent-identifying information is automatically recorded.

    A user will not be able to share a survey publicly if their role in their organization lacks the Share items publicly privilege, or their organization has disabled the Allow users to share items publicly security setting.

  • Members of my organization—Allows all Level 2 users in your organization to submit responses to the survey.
  • Following Groups—Allows you to choose which groups created by your organization can submit responses to the survey; this can include people outside of your organization. See Create a group for more information. In the example above, there is only one group, for financial analysis of the damage incurred.

After making your choice, click Save in the lower right corner of the page. Selected users can now submit responses to your survey. The way sharing is implemented varies depending on where the survey was published. If the survey was created in the Survey123 website, this is done by sharing a feature layer view with settings restricted to only allow data submission. For surveys created in Survey123 Connect, this shares the feature layer of the survey.


Although you can further configure permissions through the feature layer settings in ArcGIS Online, you may face unexpected issues if you do. Also be aware that all of these changes to the feature layer settings will be lost if you republish your survey.

On the left of the page, you can browse to the Viewer section of the Collaborate tab. This offers the same sharing options as the Submitter section and controls who has access to the results of your survey in the Survey123 website.

Analysis sharing uses a feature layer view of the survey data that has read-only restrictions. The feature layer view can also be used in other view-only applications such as Story Maps.

Link to your survey

The link at the bottom of the Collaborate tab can be shared so others can open your survey. The link can be configured to open the survey in a browser or in the field app, or allow the user to choose where it is opened.

You can use this link in the following ways:

  • Copy and send the link via email or a messaging service. You can also copy it to a web page.
  • Scan the QR code for the link with a device.

    When scanning the QR code, some third-party apps may require you to copy and paste the result to a mobile browser to open the survey in the field app. Other apps may open the result automatically or provide a button to open the result in a mobile browser. Some QR code apps change their behavior at different releases, so it is recommended that you try a few to find one that works well on your device.

  • Click the link directly from the Collaborate tab.