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Preview your survey

Survey preview

In Survey123 Connect, you can preview your form before you deploy it to a device.

You can update the form preview in Survey123 Connect in the following ways:

  • Save the changes in your spreadsheet.
  • Click the Refresh icon in Survey123 Connect.

After converting your spreadsheet to a survey form, any changes will appear in the form preview. You can also preview changes that have been made to the style or map settings. All data validation rules, calculations, appearance, and prepopulated values will be honored in the form preview. This preview is exactly what the survey will look like when it's downloaded into the Survey123 field app.

Data validation

After entering data into your form preview, you can use the Validate Input button to apply any data validation rules you have in your data and preview any custom messages. This includes calculations, constraints, and required fields. If the survey response is valid, the resulting window will return all of the data contained in the survey, including data that is captured but not normally displayed in the survey (for example, hidden and calculation fields). Using the Show Details button in this window will display further information, including attachment details and locations.