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Frequently asked questions

What is the Survey123 website?

The Survey123 website is the heart of Survey123 for ArcGIS. Using the Survey123 website, you can manage your surveys, control who can contribute to them, and view and understand the data submitted to your surveys. The Survey123 website is a web browser-based application and is available at for ArcGIS Online users.

What browsers does the Survey123 website support?

The following browsers are supported. For best performance, use the latest version.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11

What types of questions does the Analyze page of the Survey123 website support?

The available charts for each question depend on the type of question. The questions and their supported chart types are listed below:

    • Single line text and multi line text—Word cloud view.
    • Single choice and drop down questions—Column, bar and pie charts, and the map view.
    • Multiple choice—Column and bar charts.
    • Number—Column, bar, and pie charts, and the map view.
    • Date—Histogram chart.
    • Time—Line chart.

    Other question types cannot be shown on the Analyze page of the Survey123 website.

    Why does the map on the Data page for my survey have no locations?

    You may find that your survey data does not show a location on the map on the Data page. The survey website does not require the location by default. You can add a geopoint question in the survey to collect the location of the respondent.

    How can I use data captured with Survey123 for ArcGIS in other ArcGIS apps?

    Survey123 for ArcGIS uses ArcGIS feature services. In ArcGIS Desktop, you can download your data, perform analysis, edit locally, and push the data back into your feature service. Using Collector for ArcGIS, you can edit data captured in Survey123. In ArcGIS Pro, you can edit your data directly, and you can use Web AppBuilder or Operations Dashboard to present web maps that include data collected with Survey123.

    Can I show other users the results of my survey?

    Currently, only the owner of a survey can access the Analyze and Data tabs. Functionality to define a group that can access these tabs will be included in a future update.

    Can I see related features or attachments in my survey?

    Yes. Some answers are stored in a related table in a feature service, such as questions in the repeat section, while some data uploaded by respondents is stored as attachments in a feature service, such as photos. Go to the Data page of your survey and click any record in the table; if there are related records or attachments, they will appear below the table.

    Can I download all the data of my survey?

    Yes. You can do this in the Survey123 website.

    Click on your survey to see the summary results, and select the Data tab. Here you will see a button to download your data into CSV file, shapefile, or file geodatabase format.

    Alternatively, your feature service is available in your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise account where you can also download your data in these formats.

    Where are my surveys stored?

    A survey is composed of two items in your ArcGIS Online account. One is Form item, which represents the questions and settings in your survey. Another is Feature Service item, which stores your survey data. Keep in mind that both of these items are required for your survey to behave normally.

    How can I rename an existing survey?

    If you want to change the name of the survey listed on the My Surveys page, click the Edit Survey Info button on the survey's menu to update it. If you want to update the title of the survey that displays on your survey at run time, go to the Design page of the survey to update it.

    How can I delete an existing survey in the Survey123 website?

    The Delete button is located at the bottom of the Overviewpage. You must type the name of the survey to confirm deletion. Once a survey has been deleted, you cannot recover it or its data. It is strongly recommended to download the survey data that you've collected from the Data page before you delete the survey.

    If you find a survey with unsolvable errors on the My Surveys page, go to My Contentin ArcGIS Online to delete it.

    Does Survey123 for ArcGIS consume ArcGIS Online credits?

    Only for storage. See Service Credits Overview for more information on storage costs in ArcGIS Online. Publishing, sharing, and viewing the results of a survey do not consume any credits.

    Why are some of my survey results appearing off the west coast of Africa?

    Your survey results are stored in a spatial database, so every survey must have a location. Even if your survey does not display a geopoint question, a location is still given to every survey. If a device does not report its location, the default location stored is 0,0, which is a stretch of ocean west of Africa. If you do include a geopoint question in your survey, you can define a default that is more suitable for your survey.