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Sign in and out

Operations Dashboard connects to your ArcGIS organization and provides access to your content. To sign in as another user, first sign out.

Sign in

Sign in to the app to access your operation views.

  1. Start the Operations Dashboard app.
    Sign-in dialog box
  2. If you are connecting to your Portal for ArcGIS, type the URL for your organization in the URL text box. For example,
    Portal URL
  3. Tap or clickContinue.
  4. Sign in using your ArcGIS organizational account.
    Sign-in dialog box with Username and Password populated

Sign out

You can sign out of the app to end your session, or to allow another user to sign in.

  1. If you are viewing an operation view, tap or clickFile and choose the Info tab to view information about the active operation view.

    You will see account information in the upper-right corner, including your display name.

  2. Tap or clickSign out or Switch portal (which ever appears under your display name).