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Set appearance options

Set the app color theme

You can choose the overall color scheme of the app. For example, in the daytime, you may want the app to have a light-colored theme. However, when working at night or in low-light conditions, changing to the dark theme may make the app easier to view. The theme affects all the windows in the app and the surrounding frames.

Light color theme
The light theme
Dark color theme
The dark theme

  1. Tap or click View.
  2. Point to Themes and tap or click Light, Medium, or Dark.

Set the app text size

You can change the size of the text elements in an operation view. For example, when monitoring an operation view on a large, wall-mounted display, you may want to increase the size to make the text easier to read when viewing from a distance. The text size setting affects the titles and descriptions for widgets, as well as the text contained within widgets, such as lists, charts, and legends.

Small text size
A list widget showing the small text size
Large text size
A list widget showing the large text size

  1. Tap or click View.
  2. Point to Text Size and tap or click Small, Medium, or Large.

Enable touch mode

Touch mode makes it easier to use the app on a touch-enabled device, such as a tablet. For example, menus appear larger and have additional spacing around items.

  1. Tap or click View.
  2. Tap or click Touch/Mouse Mode and tap or click Touch to enable touch mode. Use Mouse if you want to go back to mouse mode.