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The following are some frequently asked questions that users of operation views often have. For questions about authoring operation views, see Authoring operation views FAQs.

What is Operations Dashboard?

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is for monitoring real-time data feeds for large-scale events or day-to-day operations using configured operation views. Leverage your data to show events happening in real time, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and provide situational awareness. Operation views are created in the Windows app and can include Esri-provided or custom widgets, map tools, and feature actions. Stay on top of your operations by using your operation views in the Windows app or in the browser.

How do I get the app?

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is available as a Windows app or a browser app.

For the Windows app, install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS from ArcGIS Online. If you receive a link to an operation view and you do not have Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS installed, you'll be prompted to download and install the app before opening the operation view.


The app downloaded from ArcGIS Online can be used to connect to your ArcGIS organization (either on ArcGIS Online or on Portal for ArcGIS). However, your company may require that you instead install from your Portal for ArcGIS. To do so, search for Operations Dashboard on your portal, or contact your Portal for ArcGIS administrator.

For the browser app, there is no download required. When you open the link to an operation view, it launches in your default browser. You can also open the operation view from its item details page.


If the operation view is not shared with the public, you'll need to sign in to your ArcGIS organizational account.

How do I get started with the app?

You can work with the app immediately by selecting Try It on the startup screen. You can view sample operation views on ArcGIS Online. Sign in with your ArcGIS organizational account for a more personalized experience, including access to operation views available to you. The user interface is different depending on whether you open the app as an author (which requires an administrator or publisher role in your organization) or as a user (which requires a user role in your organization). See the Quick Tour for authors and Guided Tour for users for more details.

Use the Windows app to create operation views. They are stored in your ArcGIS organizational account (either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS). You can keep operation views private to you, share them among your groups, or make them public. See Create an operation view for details.

What are the supported platforms and system requirements?

Currently, Windows desktops and most desktop and tablet browsers are supported. The Windows app requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework or later. You can install this from the Microsoft Download Center. You must have administrative privileges on your machine to install Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework. See Requirements for more details about supported operating systems, browsers, and languages, as well as hardware, software, and developer requirements.

Do I need to be an administrator to install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS on Windows?

No. A user can install the Windows app on their machine.

Why can't I sign in?

The following are potential issues when trying to sign in:

  • Verify that you typed your user name and password correctly.
  • Make sure your account is part of an ArcGIS organization. Operations Dashboard does not support using ArcGIS Online public accounts.

    If you don't have an ArcGIS organizational account, sign up for a free trial.

  • If your company uses a custom OAuth provider for your organization, you'll also need to specify the URL. For example, However, this is not common.

Someone sent me a link to an operation view. Why can't I open it?

Dashboards can be shared publicly or within an organization. If you try to open an operation view that is only shared with a group or an organization, you'll be prompted to sign in to view it. If you've signed in to an organization and still cannot access the operation view, it may not have been shared with you. Contact the person who sent you the link to verify that the operation view exists and is correctly shared.


If the link contains https://..OperationsDashboard.application?open=<operation view id>, it will launch in the Windows app. If you're opening the link directly, it’s recommended that you open it through Internet Explorer. Currently this is the only browser that will open an operation view once the app launches. See Use operation views for more information.

If the link contains https://..apps/dashboard/index.html#/<operation view id>, it will launch in the browser.

Can I edit or change the layout of the widgets?

No. You'll see the operation view exactly as the author configured it and cannot make modifications to the widgets, data sources, tools, or window layout. However, you can modify the color scheme and text size. You can also undock and temporarily rearrange the widgets if the operation view was created using a multi-display layout, or you can maximize the widgets if the operation view was created using a single display layout. See Interact with widgets for details.

Can I interact with features in a widget?

Widgets may contain tools for interacting with features. The available tools depend on those the author chose to include in the operation view. If feature actions were configured for the widgets, you can tap or click a feature to see the operations available for interacting with it. To get started, see Interact with features in a map.

Can I interact with widgets in an operation view?

The types of widgets available in your operation view and how you can interact with them depend on how the operation view was authored. Because there are many different ways to build an operation view and many tools and options that can be included, the author should provide you with instructions on how to use a widget. See Interact with widgets for more information.

The features in my map have labels. Why can't I see those labels in the Windows app?

The Windows app was built using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF and does not support drawing of labels.

Is it possible to install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS on Citrix (or other virtual environment)?

Yes, Citrix and other virtual environments are supported.

I'm using a virtual machine. Why doesn't my map display?

There are some known display limitations when using Operations Dashboard in a virtual environment. If you're using a VM and the map does not display, you'll need to turn off the accelerated display. See the knowledge base article for details on turning off the accelerated display.


This only applies to the Windows app.

I downloaded and installed the app on my Windows 7 machine, but when I try to open it, the app crashes every time. Why?

Operations Dashboard requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework or later. This is an optional install on Windows 7.

What is the licensing of the app?

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is available to members of ArcGIS organizations. This includes those with a subscription to ArcGIS Online or an account on Portal for ArcGIS. For more information, see ArcGIS account requirements and Licensing Terms of Use.

Does Operations Dashboard consume ArcGIS Online credits?

Operations Dashboard consumes ArcGIS Online service credits when the operation view uses premium services. For example, if the map uses ArcGIS Online routing capabilities, or feature services and tiled map services hosted in ArcGIS Online, credits are consumed. If the map is using on-premises ArcGIS Server services, no credits are consumed.

Can I rollback to a previous version of the app?

No, rollback to a previous version of the app is not supported. For details, see Operations Dashboard for ArcGISProduct Life Cycle Support Status.

How can I give feedback on the app?

The Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS team would love to hear from you about the app. If you have feedback or inquiries, send an email to You can also provide feedback within the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS GeoNet community page.