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Chat with others in the operation view

Chatting allows quick and interactive communication between operation view users. A chat can be one-on-one in a private instant message conversation or in a chat room to meet with multiple users. With both types of chats, users can send and receive map extents, feature locations, and graphics drawn on a map.


The chat widget is only available in multidisplay operation views.

Sign in to chat and set your status

  1. In the chat widget, type the chat server information, such as a machine name or IP address.

    The required URL and login information will be for your organization's XMPP server, not the URL and credentials used to connect to your ArcGIS organization.

  2. Type your user name and password. These may be different from your organizational account, as these credentials refer to those of the chat server.
  3. Check Remember Me if you want your user name and password to be stored.
  4. Tap or click Connection to set advanced connection properties.
  5. Tap or click Sign In to sign in to the chat session.
  6. To set your status, tap or click the Status drop-down arrow and choose whether you are available to chat, busy, or away.
  7. Tap or click Options Options to set the chat font, size, and other display options.

Add and manage chat contacts

When you sign in to chat, your contacts are shown in the Chat window.

  1. To add a contact, tap or click Plus and Add Contact. Type the user name of the contact. The user needs to accept your request to be added to your list of contacts. (That contact also needs to request that you be added as a contact).
  2. To remove a contact from your list, press and hold or right-click a contact and tap or click Remove.
  3. To search for a contact in your list, type the name in the Search box. The contact list is filtered to show the results of the query.

Chat with a contact

Chatting within an operation view is similar to other chat applications. You can draw interactive graphics and send map extents within a chat session. Chat graphics are intended to be simple in nature, so you can describe the general notion of a location.

  1. Double-tap or double-click a contact to start a chat session.
  2. Type the text you want to send and press Enter. You can change the text color and formatting, if needed.
  3. If your operation view has multiple maps in it, set the active map in the Map drop-down list. When you send a map extent or draw graphics, the actions are applied to that map.
  4. To send a map extent, navigate the map to the location and tap or click Send Map Extent Send Map Extent.
  5. To draw graphics on the map, including points, lines, polygons, and text, tap or click Add Graphic Add Graphic. Use the toolbar that appears on the map to add the graphics. For example, you might want to send a colleague a polygon outlining an area of interest or an arrow pointing to a particular site location. Tap or click Send on the map graphics toolbar when you're ready to send the graphic to the other user. Due to the simplistic nature of chat graphics, you need to change an existing graphic, delete, and re-add it. To turn off the graphics, hide the graphics in the chat conversation or tap or click Hide All Graphics Hide All Graphics to stop displaying all graphics.
    Sending graphics in a chat conversation
  6. To close a chat conversation, tap or click Close.

Create and configure a chat room

You can create a new chat room to have a conversation with multiple users at once. You need to have the proper permissions on the chat server to create a room.

  1. To create a room, tap or click Plus and Create Room.
  2. Type a name for the chat room. You can also provide a description for the subject to be discussed to distinguish the room from others that may be on the server.
  3. Set the access level for the room. Set the password for the room if you want to require users to provide a password to enter the room.
  4. Tap or click Create to add the room to the chat server.
  5. After the room is created, you can set additional options as needed. Tap or click Configure Room on the toolbar while you're in the chat room. You can update the name, subject, or access levels, and specify administrative settings, such as whether to log the chat history, allow invitations to others, and limit the number of occupants in the room.

Chat in a room

You can join an existing chat room to have a conversation with multiple users at once.

  1. To enter a room, tap or click Plus and tap or click Join Room to view a list of all the rooms available on the chat server. You can search to find a specific room in the list.
  2. If there is a particular room you will use often, check Add As Favorite so you can join the room from the main chat tab. Once you've added a room as a favorite, you can press and hold or right-click it on the chat tab to join it, join it automatically at sign-in, or remove it from your list of rooms.
  3. Tap or click Join to enter the selected room.
  4. Some rooms require a separate password to enter, so you may be prompted for the credentials. In addition, you may need to enter a nickname (for example, your full name instead of your first name) to identify you in a room in cases where another user has the same name.
  5. Type the message to display to all the occupants of the room. You can share map extents and draw graphics with the members of the room, much like chatting with one user at a time.
  6. To start an individual chat with a particular person outside the room, press and hold or right-click the user in the list of users present in the room. Tap or click Show or hide the occupants list Show or hide the occupants list icon on the toolbar to show or hide the list of users in the room.
  7. Depending on how the room is configured, you may be able to request other users join the room. Tap or click Invite More People To Join This Room to send an invitation to another user.
  8. To leave a room, tap or click Close to close the chat tab. When a user enters or exits a room, a message appears in the chat history to alert other users. Similarly, if the topic of conversation or the room privacy levels change, a message also appears.

Send a feature's location to a contact or room

You can send the location of a feature to a contact or the occupants of a room. Send to chat is available for many different kinds of widgets, including maps and lists, but the operation view author must have enabled this feature action on the widget.

Before you send a feature, make sure the recipient has the layer the feature is from as part of their map; otherwise, they will not be able to view or access the feature.

  1. Press and hold or right-click the feature in any widget configured with chat support and tap or click Send To Chat. For example, you can press and hold or right-click a feature in a map or list.
  2. If you have multiple conversations or chat rooms open, choose the one to which you want to send the feature.
  3. After you send the feature, the attribute information is shown in the chat conversation, and you and the recipient can interact with it on the map.