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Configure a legend widget

A legend widget displays a legend for a map. This is particularly useful for interpreting and understanding thematic map layers. The legend updates when layers are turned on and off in the map widget. The legend lists all features for the visible layers in the map, even if the features are not displaying at the current map extent. The map determines how the legend looks, so there are no configurable appearance properties for the widget.

Legend widget
  1. Click Edit, and click Edit Operation View.
  2. To create a new widget, click Widget, click Add Widget, choose the type of widget, and click OK. To update settings for an existing widget, click Settings Settings, and click Configure Configure on the widget's window.
  3. In the Title box, type a title that will be displayed in the widget's window.
  4. Click the Map drop-down arrow and choose the map to which you want to display a legend.
  5. Click OK to finish configuring the widget.