What is ArcGIS Open Data?

Open Data allows organizations to use the ArcGIS platform to provide the public with open access to their authoritative data. Organizations configure a website with their own look and feel and specify Open Data groups to share specific items. The general public can use Open Data sites to search by topic or location, download data in multiple formats, and view data on an interactive map and in a table.

For Consumers

Interact with data and maps to help you learn about your community. Discover, explore, and download data, or share a link to an interesting dataset.

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For Providers

ArcGIS Open Data provides a mechanism to create a free website that will allow you to interact with your citizens and better understand what issues the community is focused on.

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Create and share your own data into an Open Data site using the workflows you already know.

  • Create customized sites for your data
  • Enable Open Data on your Organization and Groups
  • Federated searching across Organizations and groups
  • Simple workflows for sharing your data
  • Support for spatial and non-spatial tables
  • Interactive filters to explore data
  • Share links to filtered views of datasets


Data requirements

ArcGIS Open Data currently works with Features from Hosted Feature Services as well as Feature and Map Services from an ArcGIS Server.


What's new

Open Data Beta was released in April 2014 and we have since added the follow to our final release:

  • Advanced data filtering options based on attribute
  • Download option shows OGC links if available
  • Share a link includes dataset filter and map extent
  • Embed data set with filter and map extent via iframe
  • Support for non-spatial data through tables in services
  • Dataset Attribute summary show statistics


Sneak Peek

ArcGIS Open Data has just been released, and we're planning some exciting things in the road ahead:

  • New interface for Administrators to design sites and view statistics
  • Discover and find new data types such as documents and imagery
  • Explore data using dynamic charts


Share your ideas for where ArcGIS Open Data will go!


ArcGIS Ideas site

Share your ideas for where ArcGIS Open Data will go! Post a suggestion or vote on existing ideas.

Are you a provider looking for ideas? See what customers are asking for. Invite contributors to privately collaborate with you to evolve ideas.