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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is an intuitive application that allows you to build 2D and 3D web apps without having to write code. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS includes powerful tools to configure features with HTML apps. You can access Web AppBuilder from Map Viewer, Scene Viewer, and by downloading it from a listing.

You can create widgets using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, scroll through the help documentation and see how sample code, forums, and guide on how to use custom widgets to help extend your listings framework. You can add custom widgets to your listing and find powerful tools to configure your HTML apps.

Widgets can be purchased for license by organization with multiple licenses per purchase. When a listing is created in marketplace, the listing can be configured so that a member can download the custom widget and use it for their organization.

Some key features of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS are:

  • Create HTML/JavaScript apps that work on desktop browsers, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Extensible framework for developers to create widgets.
  • Integrated with the ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise platforms.
  • Build the apps you need using ready-to-use widgets, such as query, geoprocessing, print, and more.
  • Create custom app templates.

Best resources for a starting point with using custom widgets: