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Review leads and grant access

ArcGIS Marketplace provides the tools and mechanisms to review leads and grant access to your items.

Review leads

When a customer expresses interest in your item, you should follow up as soon as possible. People appreciate a prompt follow-up and it creates a great impression of how customer oriented you are. Customers indicate they want your item by clicking one of the options on the listing, depending on how you are offering your app or data service: Buy, Free Trial, or Get it Now. This generates a new entry in the customer's My Requested Items section of the Console page as well as a new entry in your Requested Items section of the Console page. Additionally, both you and the customer receive email notifications acknowledging the request and linking to the relevant sections of the Console page.

  1. Open the email you received from Esri indicating an ArcGIS Online customer is interested in your app.
  2. Click the link in the email to see details. The Requested Items section of the Console page opens.

    If you have a paid app or data service, it is up to you to collect any fees.

  3. Review the request. Each request includes the item name, customer name, and the requested date. Click the customer name to view contact information.

Grant access

Trials and free items are automatically provisioned to the customer. Purchased items require you to grant access. Once you've reviewed the request, you can give the customer access to your item. As part of the access process, you select a renewal date.

  1. Verify that you are signed in to ArcGIS Marketplace and in the your Console page.
  2. Under the Provider tab, select Purchase Requests.
  3. Click the Grant Access button next to the item you want to provision to the customer.
  4. Select a renewal date, you can only grant access to one item per listing.
  5. Once you grant access, the item moves to the Sold Items section of your Console page where you can view usage statistics and update the renewal date. The customer receives an email notification that they have been granted access to your item. The email contains a link to the customer’s Apps & Data section of their Console page. From Apps & Data, the customer can click the View Item link, which takes them to your item details within their ArcGIS Online organization. Depending on the license type of the item, a customer can share it with groups in their ArcGIS Online organization or assign a license to individual members (apps only).

    When you grant access to a customer, you are granting access to the customer’s ArcGIS Online organization. They can now share this item with other members of their ArcGIS Online organization. There is no technical limitation to the number of members who can access your item, but Esri reports back to you the number of users who have accessed your item from any given organization. If you wish to limit the number of users who access your item, you must do so via a paper license.

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