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Provider workflow

Step 1
1Consumer requests access to item
Step 2
2Collect payment
Step 3
3Grant access
Step 4
4Renew subscription

1. Consumer requests access to item

ArcGIS Marketplace makes it easy for consumers to discover and request access to your items. The item's listing page contains terms and conditions and forms for contacting you with a request to purchase, try, or get the item. Request forms include the consumer's contact details so you can follow up. You are sent an automated email when a consumer makes a request. Learn more

2. Collect payment

If a consumer requests access to one of your free items or a trial, the item is automatically provisioned to the consumer's organization. For fee-based subscriptions, it is up to you to collect payment from the consumer. Learn more


For e-commerce enabled listings, payment is made online and the customer is automatically assigned a license upon receiving payment. The listing will appear under Sold items section of the Console page. You will see a cart icon next to the listing, indicating that a purchase was made through ArcGIS Marketplace.

3. Grant access

Once you collect payment, grant the consumer access to subscription items and select a renewal date for the subscription. You do not need to grant access to free items, e-commerce items, and trails. These are automatically provisioned to the consumer after they submit a request form and agree to terms and conditions. Learn more

4. Renew subscription

When the consumer's subscription is up for renewal, you receive an email reminder. Contact the consumer to arrange a renewal before the subscription expires. Learn more