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Tips for a successful listing

Below are the top tips for creating a successful listing in ArcGIS Marketplace.

  • Offer trials—Everyone likes to try before they buy. Providers who offer trials are more likely to have users purchase their app or content service. You have the option of offering a trial by member or by organization. You are automatically given five trial-by-member licenses per item (with an option to change the number). When you offer a trial, you choose the length of the trial (from 7 to 90 days). When users get a trial, you get their contact information and a new lead on which to follow up. When the trial is over, the user will no longer be able to access your app or data service unless they purchase your app or you extend their access
  • Choose the license type—Make it clear what type of license your item is. You can choose from Free, Paid (License by Organization), or Paid (License by Member). This will help a consumer decide on your item.
  • Provide transparent pricing details—Be upfront about your pricing (even if it's a range). If your pricing is more complicated, provide a link to the pricing schedule on your website. Make sure that you specify whether your pricing is per user or per organization.
  • Actively collect user reviews, feedback, and ratings—Everyone likes to read reviews. Ask both purchasers and trial users to review and comment on your app or data service.
  • Write a clear description and optimize for search—Everything from your listing name to your description is a marketing exercise. Using clear, specific language that emphasizes an easy-to-understand value proposition will help users quickly evaluate if your solution is a good fit.
  • Avoid buzzwords—Incorporate keywords in your text to make search easy. Be sure to specifically enter tags to improve search when you create your listing. You can add tags under the industries and categories section when you edit your listing. 
Select appropriate industries and categories. You can enter up to five industries and five categories. These categories help users find your listings when they browse the marketplace.
  • Effectively use screen captures and demo videos—Great screen captures and demo videos give prospects a better idea of what you're selling. Make sure your screen captures are focused on what you want them to pay attention to and that they tell a story.
  • Make sure you have professional-looking graphics and banners—If you don't have a designer on staff, it's worth hiring someone to help you create professional graphics and banners. This is your chance to create a great first impression.
  • Set up campaigns, and create a follow-up process for leads—When someone gets a trial, consider starting an email drip campaign (a series of emails introducing the user to your app and helping them get value out of it).
  • Be responsive—Follow up on leads within hours. People appreciate a prompt follow-up, and it creates a great impression of how customer oriented you are.
  • Announce new offerings with press releases—Always issue a press release when you announce a new listing to let the world know you're open for business. References from an executive and customers are really helpful.