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Create a listing from an existing item

Before creating your first listing, there are some key elements to consider. Each listing that appears in ArcGIS Marketplace is related to an item in ArcGIS Online. The item in your ArcGIS Online organization that is used to create your listing must be private. If there are existing users accessing the app or content, when the item is registered, the app or content will not allow original users to access it anymore. The following are additional details and recommendations:

  • Consider creating a new item for your marketplace offering within your ArcGIS Online organization that has not been shared with everyone (public), with members of your organization, or groups you belong to.
  • It is recommended that you have two ArcGIS Online organizations, each with copies of your marketplace product offering.
    • The additional organization can be used for user testing of the marketplace provisioning and subscription management process.
    • If you want to demo the offering for potential users, verify you have an additional copy of the product offering that is not related to the marketplace listing item.