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Content services

As a provider, you can list hosted services ArcGIS Marketplace. The specific content types the marketplace supports are:

  • Hosted Elevation Services generated from TPKs with LERC format tiles
  • Hosted Scene Services—Point and 3D Object Scene Layers generated from Feature Layers
  • Hosted Scene Layers—Point, 3D Object, Point Cloud, Integrated Mesh from scene layer package (SLPKs)
  • Hosted Feature Layers—Layers that have been published to ArcGIS Online. The feature data in these layers is hosted by, or stored on, ArcGIS Online.
  • Hosted Raster Tile Layers—Layers deliver basemaps to your client application as image files (for example, JPG or PNG format) that have been prerendered and stored on the server and are displayed as is by the client.
  • Hosted Vector Tile Layers—Deliver map data as vector files (for example, PBF format) and include one or more layers that are rendered on the client based on a style delivered with the layer.