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About listings

Listings allow you to promote your products to potential customers. They are the main way that consumers discover your offerings. They are also your primary marketing tool, so it's important that you take the time to create an attractive-looking listing. Although you are not required to fill in every field, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for prospects to decide if your offering is what they need. Consumers will want to see screen captures, videos, details on pricing and support, and a great description of the value that your offering brings to them. See best practices for creating a successful listing.

Content providers can list image, feature, and tiled services in ArcGIS Marketplace.

Listing requirements

The following requirements must be met for your listing to appear in ArcGIS Marketplace:

  • You must have a membership in an ArcGIS Online organization with listing privileges. Listing privileges are indicated by a Marketplace section in the ArcGIS Online item with a Create Listing link.
  • You must have an administrator role in the organization.
  • The listing must be private; you cannot list an item you've shared with everyone (public), your organization, or groups to which you belong.
  • Your listings are viewable by all visitors to ArcGIS Marketplace, but only consumers with the correct privileges in ArcGIS Online can get, try, or buy your item.

Considerations before creating a listing

Before starting the listing process, it is recommended that you have certain items readily available. Assets and content such as a product overview, screen shots, short videos, a banner design, system requirements, and search engine optimization are things to have defined before you start the process of creating a listing.

The following are some of the items to have ready:

  • Product overview—Craft a clear and appealing overview that helps potential users quickly and easily understand the value of your product or service.
  • Marketplace listing banner—Create a custom design that suits your product or service. For best results, your image should be 1220x320 pixels.
  • Screen captures—Use screen captures that show off your listing's value. You can upload up to four PNG, GIF, or JPG images with 1 MB maximum file size (per image). Allocated space per image is 960x540 pixels.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)—Make sure you have thought through the most effective keywords or tags to your listing that describe your offering and enable it to be easily discoverable via common search engines. Remember to separate terms or words with commas, based on how potential customers would discover your products or services (for example, ArcGIS Online is considered one tag; ArcGIS, Online is considered two tags). For more examples, see Add items.
  • YouTube video—Have a demonstration or marketing video uploaded so you can embed a link to it from your listing page.
  • Industries and categories—Determine and update your listing to include all the potential industries and categories your product or services support. You can have up to five industries and five categories.
  • System requirements—Ensure potential users can clearly understand these important details and easily find out how to get help.
  • Terms and conditions—Add information that will allow potential users to understand the importance of this section. One way to keep this in sync is to provide a link to this information on your web page.

If you have content in a Word document that will be used in the listing, use a basic text editor or convert to basic text prior to copying and pasting the content into the listing. Do not copy and paste directly from a Word document into the listing because it will cause errors. Once the content is copied, you can style the text using the editing controls in the Marketplace.

Existing listings

There are two licensing options when creating listings, license by organization and license by member. If you have an existing listing that is license by organization and you want to change it to make it license by member, follow these steps:

  1. From the details page of the app (on the Content page), click the Create Listing button that appears under the Marketplace section of the Settings tab.
  2. Click Unpublish on the existing listing to remove visibility of and accessibility to the listing for new members in ArcGIS Marketplace.

    Using Unpublish does not remove access to your app for exising users.

  3. Publish the new listing.
  4. Migrate existing users to the newly published listing at the appropriate time.

Moving forward, all new members will purchase and get provisioned via the new license-by-member model.