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Consumer workflow

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Search and discover the items you need

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Want to try? Some trials and free items are available

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Want to buy? Purchase via E-commerce or set up a request

Step 4Step 4

What next? Assign licenses or share items with your organization

1. Search and discover the items you need

Come to ArcGIS Marketplace to search and discover apps and data services. Narrow your search by filtering based on platform, industry, or category to help identify items of interest. Drill into more details by browsing the detailed listing page for individual items to find more information about pricing, licensing, support options, and system requirements, as well as view screen captures and demo videos of particular listings, and read reviews. Learn more about searching for items

2. Start trials and get free items

Certain listings offer the opportunity to test it out for free for a short period of time. Try out a listing and see if it's what your organization is looking for.

3. Purchasing options

After you find an item you are interested in, you will have one of two ways to get it, depending on how the provider set up the listing.

Esri shopping cart

Some apps can be purchased online through the Esri shopping cart with most major credit cards or PayPal and supports many currencies including the United States dollar (USD), Columbian (Peso), Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EURO), Swiss (Francs), Swedish (Krona), and British Pound (GBP). Access is granted upon receiving payment information, this can be instant or some wait time. Depending on how fast the funds arrive to the provider.

Send request to provider

Some apps have a short request form that you fill out and is automatically sent to the provider. These forms are used to getting free items, starting trials, and requesting to purchase subscriptions. The payment process requires the purchaser and provider to work together and set up a payment outside of ArcGIS Marketplace. Once the provider receives the request, they will get in contact with you for purchase of the subscription, therefore granting access.

Learn more about getting items

4. Assign licenses or share items

ArcGIS Marketplace items are licensed two ways: by organization or by member. For items licensed by organization, administrators share the item to members through groups. For items licensed by member, administrators assign licenses to specific members of the organization. Information on how to use the item is available to members through the listing and the item details page. Additional information may be available from the app or data service. Learn more about sharing and assigning licenses