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Get the most out of ArcGIS Marketplace

ArcGIS Marketplace is a destination that allows ArcGIS Online organizations to search, discover, and get apps, data, and additional capabilities from qualified providers (Esri, Esri partners, Esri distributors, and Esri startups) for use within their organization. The apps, data, and additional capabilities listed in the marketplace can be made available to any ArcGIS Online organization, worldwide.

To get the most out of ArcGIS Marketplace, you need to understand the different ways you can get items and set up members who can purchase and get trials. Once you've done that, you're ready to find and use apps and data from providers.

Get items

Providers offer a variety of apps and data for various industries. Some of this content is free and some requires a paid subscription. Some items can be purchased through the Esri shopping cart, an integrated e-commerce solution that supports most major credit cards and PayPal and many currencies including the United States dollar (USD), Columbian peso (COP), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Swedish krona (SEK), British Pound (GBP), and European euro (EUR). For items not available through e-commerce, you can use a short purchase request form that is automatically sent to the provider. Items that require a paid subscription can often offer a free trial before purchasing.

Administrators and those with custom role privileges can buy, get free items, and start trials. Before you can buy items through the shopping cart, an administrator needs to configure your account as a designated e-commerce purchaser. If you aren't an administrator or you don't have one of these purchasing privileges, you can send an automated email to your administrator requesting that they buy, try, or get the item.

The listing page is customized based on your privileges and how the provider offers the item. For example, if you are authorized to make e-commerce purchases and the provider is selling an app through the shopping cart, you see a Buy button that takes you to the shopping cart. If the provider is selling the item outside the shopping cart, the Buy button opens a request form for you to fill out and send to the provider. If the item is available free of charge, you see a Get it Now button. If you are a member without purchasing privileges, you see a Request Purchase button. Use this option to get an email template with your administrator's email and a description of the item already filled in for you.

Set up members to start trials and purchase items

ArcGIS Marketplace items can be purchased two ways: directly from the provider through a request form or online through the Esri shopping cart. If offered, you can also get a free trial. Sending requests requires the administrator role or a custom role with privileges to request purchase information or start trials in ArcGIS Marketplace. Buying items through the Esri shopping cart requires a purchaser designation that administrators configure as part of the organization's Marketplace settings.

Learn more about designating purchasers

Get started

Once you understand the different ways to get items and you've set up members to start trials and purchase items, you're ready to get started. Below is a quick list for using ArcGIS Marketplace. Click any step for more details.