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Licensing options

Items that are sold in ArcGIS Marketplace are licensed in two ways: by organization or by member. Depending on the license, the item is shared to the organization in different ways.

Apps or data licensed by organization

When a provider assigns an app or data as licensed by organization, administrators and members with privileges to request purchases or start trials can share the item with groups owned by members of the organization.

Apps licensed by member

For apps that have been designated as license by member, administrators and members with licensing privileges use ArcGIS Online to manage the license. The licensing page contains details for products provisioned to your organization. In ArcGIS Online, you can configure licenses for one or multiple members.

Once a web mapping app has been purchased and assigned a license, you can open the app directly from your site. Click the Apps button Apps in the header of your ArcGIS Online account and choose the app you want to open. This allows members with non-administrative roles to view which web mapping apps their organization has purchased.

Data licensed by member

Data listings that are licensed by member are accessible in Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online. When you are signed in to an account with an assigned license, you can add items to the map by clicking the Browse subscription layers button under Add content to map. You'll see a thumbnail of the layers that your organization has been licensed to use.

ArcGIS Pro add-ins

Once a consumer purchases an ArcGIS Pro add-in, administrators and users with marketplace purchase or trial privileges have access to download the add-in. Purchased items can be shared to a group, and all members of that group will have access to download the ArcGIS Pro add-ins. Once downloaded, the add-ins can be configured for use in ArcGIS Pro. Consumers must abide by the applicable licensing terms and conditions. ArcGIS Marketplace only enforces download access for ArcGIS Pro add-ins.

To download an ArcGIS Pro add-in, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you are signed in ArcGIS Marketplace and have privileges to create content.

    If you do not have privileges, you can access the ArcGIS Pro add-in by going to the group where the item is shared. Select the purchased item and click the Download button.

  2. From the Console page, go to the Apps & Data tab to view your listing.
  3. Find the listing that has the ArcGIS Pro add-in and click the Download button Download.

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS widgets

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS widgets can be purchased and licensed by organizations with multiple licenses per purchase. These are Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS widget packages are accessible as a .zip file attached to an item. Once purchased, it can be shared to group. All members belonging to that group can download custom widget from Items page. Organization administrators and members with custom Marketplace privilege can download the custom widget and use it for their organization.

Administrators or members with a custom role can also download the widget from ArcGIS Marketplace console by clicking the Download button Download button corresponding to the listing.