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Access the console

When you sign in to ArcGIS Marketplace, the Console section is available to you. In the Console section, you can view items and listings that you have purchased from the marketplace, as well as those you have requested.

To access the Console section, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization with access to ArcGIS Marketplace.
  2. Click the Apps button Apps.
  3. Select ArcGIS Marketplace.
  4. On the ArcGIS Marketplace page, select Console.

Apps & Data tab

On the Apps & Data tab, all the free, trial, and buy listings and items that you have purchased from the marketplace are listed. For each item, you can view the following information:

  • Listing Name—The name of the item as well as the name of the provider.
  • License Type—The license information including whether or not the app is a subscription. You can manage licenses for members here and update the sharing properties for items licensed by your organization. If the listing is a trial, you'll see the number of days remaining until the trial ends.
  • Start Date—The date the item was purchased. You can organize the items based on the start date.
  • Renewal Date—The renewal date of the item if it has one.
  • Bundled Items—Shows whether an item has supported data services with the listing Bundle icon.

You can download a comma-separated values (CSV) file with a list of all requests by selecting the Download as CSV button Download button.

Requests tab

Items that you have requested but are pending approval from the provider are listed on the Requests tab. Once you send a request to purchase an item, the provider receives a notification, and they contact you with more details.

The following information is provided for each item:

  • Listing Name—The name of the item.
  • Provider—The name and contact information of the provider of the listing.
  • Date—The renewal date of the item if it has one.
  • Status—The status of the request.

Listings that are e-commerce enabled are removed from the Requests tab and appear on the Apps & Data tab once payment has been received by the provider.