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Bundle items

ArcGIS Marketplace has items with the option to purchase app and data bundles. This allows you to purchase one listing and it's associate with a collection of items.

App bundle

Apps can be listed on the ArcGIS Marketplace with the option of supporting data services. ArcGIS hosted layers (Feature, Tile, Scene) can be grouped with the app, allowing users to get access to multiple services while purchasing one listing. After you purchase an app, you either share the purchased app to the group or assign licenses, and then access to supporting data services will be automatically granted. Any assigned users can start using the app.

Data bundle

Data bundling allows users to purchase a group of ArcGIS hosted services (Feature, Tile, Scene) as a single listing. As a user, you purchase a listing and you get access to all the data layers in the app bundle.

  1. On ArcGIS Marketplace, open the listing with the app or data bundle.
  2. If you have purchaser privileges, purchase the listing.
  3. Depending on the licensing, assign licenses to users or share the purchased app item to a group.

    This will grant access to all the hosted layers and services in the bundle.

    • If the item is licensed by member or licensed by organization, you can access the data from Browse Subscription Layers in Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online.

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