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Zoom to a feature

You can get detailed geographic information about a feature layer in your map by viewing the layer's attribute table. An attribute table includes information about each geographic feature in the layer. You can zoom to a feature in your map by clicking the corresponding record in the attribute table.


Zooming to features is only available for feature service layers.

  1. Select a feature on the map. See Select features on the map.
  2. Under What do you want to do with your selection?, click View selected records.

    Attribute information for the selected features appears in an attribute table.

  3. In the attribute table, find the record corresponding to the feature to which you want the map to zoom.
  4. Click the icon in the Go to column for the record.

    The map zooms to the feature and the feature flashes briefly.


    If pop-ups are turned on for a layer, you can zoom to a feature in the layer by clicking the feature on the map and click the Zoom to icon on the pop-up. To learn how to configure pop-ups, see Configure and display pop-ups.