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Print a map

The ArcGIS Maps web part provides printing capabilities for your application. The Print Map tool prints exactly what is displayed in the map. You must configure your map before clicking Print Map, as there are no configuration options (such as zooming or panning) on the print screen.

The print layout includes the following:

  • The map's current visible extent
  • All copyright and attribution information, shown below the map

The print layout does not include the following:

  • An overview map
  • Scalebar
  • Description

ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint supplies the text's font and the printed map's layout. The map is drawn using the same resolution as shown on the screen and therefore may not display properly if scaled to a larger map display. The location and scaling of the map cannot be adjusted.

Using the standard Windows Print dialog box, you can choose the following:

  • The printer to use
  • The paper size
  • Whether to print in landscape or portrait layout

Add the Print Map tool to the ArcGIS Maps web part

To add the Print Map tool to your application, follow these steps.

  1. Edit the page that contains the map and place the ArcGIS Maps web part in edit mode.
  2. From the ArcGIS Maps web part menu, click Configure Configure to display the Configuration pane.
  3. Select the area in which you want to place the tool. For example, choose Map tools.
  4. Click the Add button (+), expand esriMapsSharePointX, and check the Print Map check box. Click Add.
    Print Map tool

    The Print Map tool appears in the list of map tools.

  5. Click OK to close the Configuration pane.
  6. Click OK on the ArcGIS Maps web part properties pane to save your changes and exit edit mode.
  7. Click Save to save your page.

Print a map

The Print Map tool prints exactly what is displayed in the map on your screen. Configure your map before clicking Print Map.

  1. Set your map to display as you want it to look in your printout. This includes zooming to the appropriate level and panning the map to display the features you want to see in the printed map.
  2. From the Map Tools toolbar (or the toolbar you specified for the Print Map tool), click Print Map.

    The Print Map pane opens, displaying the map at its current extent and zoom level.

  3. Click Print.

    A second browser window opens, showing a preview of your printed map. The standard Microsoft Windows Print dialog box also opens.

  4. Choose the desired print options and click Print.

  • When printing custom symbol sets, custom symbols must specify symbols that are publicly and anonymously accessible. If the symbol images are hosted under a custom site, the site must be anonymously authenticated. No extra authentication is supported. For example, if you use a symbol URL that requires a user name and password, printing layers containing these symbols will fail.