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Filter a layer

Filtering a layer provides a means of asking questions about the features of a feature service you have added to the map. When filtering a layer, only the features that meet the criteria specified by the filter are shown on the map. For example, you may want to specify a filter on a layer to display graffiti complaints within a specified district or city. In the ArcGIS Maps Web Part, you can filter a feature service so that only the features that meet the filter criteria are shown. To filter a layer, see the following steps:

  1. Click the Contents tab to open the Contents pane.
  2. Select the feature service to be filtered.
  3. Click the Settings button to the right of the layer name to open the layer menu.
  4. Click the Filter layer button to bring up the Filter layer pane.
  5. Create an expression under Match the following expression by changing the drop-down boxes and radio buttons to create your query. For more information on filter expressions, see Building a query expression.
    • Click Add another expression to add additional expressions on which to filter.
    • Click Add a set to create a query containing AND or OR in the expression.
  6. Click Apply to update the layer.

    The map is updated with the data matching the query set in the Filter layer pane.

  7. Alternatively click the Clear button to reset the expression back to the default.
  8. Click Close to exit from the Filter layer pane.