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Edit mode and run mode

Microsoft SharePoint uses web parts to display specific content types on a page of a SharePoint site. Like other web parts within SharePoint, ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint has an edit mode and a run mode. SharePoint users with permissions to edit the page containing the ArcGIS Maps web part can place it in edit mode, while users with read-only permissions can only interact with the map in run mode. Users with contribute permissions in SharePoint can edit an existing map, but users must have design permissions to insert a web part onto a page. See User permissions and permission levels in SharePoint 2013 for more information on SharePoint permission levels.

The ArcGIS Maps web part can only save changes when it is in edit mode. This includes signing in, adding and removing layers, and so on. Credentials persist during the current browser session only.

Edit mode


Page refreshes occur often during SharePointweb part communication! For example, a page refresh will occur when selecting a feature in one web part and sending that information to another web part. Be aware that a page refresh may cause you to lose changes you've made to the ArcGIS Maps web part. To avoid losing changes, click Apply on the Properties pane frequently while you're configuring the ArcGIS Maps web part.

To put the ArcGIS Maps web part in edit mode, start by placing the page that contains the map in edit mode. On the SharePoint ribbon, click the Page tab and click Edit.

Next, click the arrow above the upper right corner of the web part to display the drop-down menu, and choose Edit web part.

Edit web part

The ArcGIS Maps web part properties pane appears beside the map.

ArcGIS Maps properties panel

Edit mode allows you to change the web part's configuration settings and save those changes as part of the web part. Configurable portions of the web part include the following:

  • Layers, including order and appearance
  • Basemap
  • Map extent
  • Appearance of pop-up windows

To save the web part's configuration, click the OK or Apply button in the properties pane to the right of the web part.


Your login information will not persist unless the ArcGIS Maps web part is in edit mode. Credentials persist during the current browser session only. In addition, any changes you make to the map will not be saved unless you place the web part in edit mode and save your changes.

Run mode

Users that have read access to the page hosting the ArcGIS Maps web part can use the web part in run mode. In run mode, users can do the following:

  • Add or remove layers
  • Pan and zoom the map
  • Select features
  • Share the map

Any changes made in run mode, including adding or removing layers, are not saved in the map.

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