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Edit mode and run mode

Microsoft SharePoint uses web parts to display specific content types on a page of a SharePoint site. Like other web parts in SharePoint, ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint has an edit mode and a run mode. SharePoint users with permissions to edit the page containing an ArcGIS Maps or ArcGIS Map Search web part can add and configure the map in edit mode to define what the user sees, while users with read-only permissions can only interact with the map. Any changes made in run mode will not be saved; you can only save changes to the map when the web part is in edit mode. See User permissions and permission levels in SharePoint 2013 for more information on SharePoint permission levels.

What you can do with the map also depends on whether you're signed in to an ArcGIS organizational account and the level of your named user account, or if you're working as a guest. To add or modify an ArcGIS Maps or ArcGIS Map Search web part, you must be signed in to ArcGIS using a level 2 named user account.

Edit mode

If you have the appropriate SharePoint and ArcGIS privileges, you have full access to author and configure a map in edit mode. If you have SharePoint with Edit or Design permissions, you can add and configure web parts. If you have Contribute permissions, you can modify an existing web part but cannot add web parts to a page.


Page refreshes occur often during SharePoint web part communication. For example, a page refresh will occur when selecting a feature in one web part and sending that information to another web part. Be aware that a page refresh may cause you to lose changes you've made to the ArcGIS Maps web part. To avoid losing changes, click Apply in the Properties pane frequently while you're configuring the map.


Only one web part can be in edit mode at one time.

To put the ArcGIS Maps web part in edit mode, place the page that contains the map in edit mode. On the SharePoint ribbon, click the Page tab and click Edit.

Next, click the drop-down arrow at the upper right corner of the web part to display the drop-down menu, and choose Edit web part.

Edit web part

When the map is in edit mode, a Save button appears on the map's title bar and the web part's properties pane appears next to the map.

In edit mode, you define the map's configuration and save those changes as part of the web part. As the map author, you can also do the following:

  • Use the properties pane to change the map's title and set the map's width and height.
  • Add and style layers from SharePoint or ArcGIS.
  • Set the basemap.
  • Define the default map extent.
  • Define the appearance of pop-ups.
  • Configure clustering.

Click Apply in the web part's properties pane to save your changes and continue working. If you're done working with the map, click OK in the properties pane, and click Page > Save on the SharePoint ribbon.


To save changes you made to the map while in edit mode, click the Save button on the map's title bar.

Run mode

In run mode, users can interact with the map as a guest user or signed in as a named user of an ArcGISorganizational account. Guest users have limited access to the map; they can zoom and pan the map and change some layer options such as symbol style and layer transparency, for example. ArcGIS named users can perform additional tasks that consume ArcGIS credits, such as finding a route and sharing a layer.

Features that consume ArcGIScredits are available in run mode only if the user is signed in to ArcGIS organizational account. Any changes made in run mode are not saved in the map.

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