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Create reports

Reports can be created for a location or point on the map and saved in PDF or Excel formats. Reports can be generated to include values for a distance of rings or drive distance or within a drive time. There are 20 different reports that provide information about the area of your choice. Reports include Demographic and Income Profile, Executive Summary and Retail Goods, and Services Expenditures. These reports can be used to describe and gain a better understanding about the market, customers and clients, and competition associated with your area of interest. Once created, reports can be shared and sent to others.


Using this functionality consumes ArcGIS service credits. To help you estimate how many service credits you will use, see Service Credits Overview.

You can create reports for a feature on the map. Features can be rivers, roads, pipelines, buildings, counties, and political subdivisions, as well as points, lines, and polygons. Any data that you add is also added as a feature on the map.

  1. Click a feature on the map to display the pop-up to access reports.
    Feature pop-up
  2. Click the Create report Create report icon icon.

    The dialog box appears where you can set the parameters for the report you want to create.

    Create report
  3. Click the Select report drop-down arrow to select the report you want to run.
  4. Click the Formatdrop-down arrow to select the format for your report. You can choose from PDF or Excel.
  5. Click the Show data for drop-down arrow for rings, drive times, and drive distance.
  6. Select the radius and units for your report.
  7. Click Create report.

    The report icon appears at the bottom of the page. Click to open the report.