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Configure infographics

In pop-ups, demographic information is displayed in a carousel of configurable infographics. Each infographic shows the distribution of one variable around the chosen location. A series of infographics are turned on by default and can be scrolled through by clicking the arrows beside the infographic. You can configure infographics to display specific data collections and for specific distances.

  1. Edit the page and place the map in edit mode.
  2. From the ArcGIS Maps web part menu, click the Configure button Configure icon to display the Configuration pane.
  3. From the list of configuration options, click Tools, then click Popup tools and choose Infographics.
  4. Click the Configure button (gear icon).

    The Configure Infographics pane opens.

  5. Click the Show available data for drop-down list, and choose the country for which you want to view infographics variables.
    Configure infographics
  6. Choose whether you prefer to use the Light or Dark theme by clicking the Select color theme drop-down list.
  7. Choose which data collections should appear in the carousel.
    • Check the boxes beside the infographics you want to see. Uncheck the boxes for the infographics you don't want to see.
    • Click Add more variables to explore the data collections available from the ArcGIS platform.
    • Choose a data collection to see which variables are contained within it.
    • Check the variables you want to see in your infographics carousel.
    • Click Back to return to the Configure Infographics window.
  8. Define the area for which you want information.
    • Choose either Ring or Drive Times to define the type of area around the selected feature. A ring will return information from a circle around the selected feature. Selecting Drive Times will return information from an area within a driving distance from the selected feature.
    • Choose the distance from the selected feature for which you want demographic information. By default, demographic information will be gathered for an area 1-mile in all directions from the selected object. This ring can be changed to different linear distances. If Drive Times was chosen in the previous step, you have the option of choosing distance in units of linear measurement (miles or kilometers) or time (minutes).
  9. Click OK to save your changes.