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Change a layer's style

In ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint, layers are drawn on the map using a default style. You can change a layer's style to any of the styles shown in the Style pane. The style currently applied to a layer is shown in the Contents pane when you expand the layer by clicking the arrow Arrow. For more information, see Feature display and style.

  1. On the Contents pane, click the Settings button to the right of the layer for which you want to change the style.
  2. Click Style.
  3. To configure style properties, do one of the following:

    The map automatically updates to reflect the style changes you made.

  4. Click OK.

    You can quickly change the basic style of an individual layer directly from the Contents pane. Click the arrow (Arrow) to expand the layer contents, and click the symbol you want to modify. Depending on the layer type, different options are available. For lines and polygons, choose a new color for the shape. For point features, choose a different icon from the drop-down menu, or, if the layer was styled using shapes, choose a new color.