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Auto refresh a layer

Layers on your map can be configured to update based on a certain time interval. Auto refresh requeries the data underlying a layer and allows you to automatically see changes when layer or table contents have changed. You can enable updates based on a specified time interval. Auto refresh can be enabled on feature layers, web maps, and SharePoint list layers.

To turn on auto refresh, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Contents tab to open the Contents pane.
  2. Choose the layer to auto refresh.
  3. Click the Settings (gear icon) button beside the layer name to open the Layer options pane.
  4. Click Auto refresh to display the Auto refresh pane.
  5. Click the On/Off selector under the Layer drop-down box to turn on auto refresh.

    The Interval in minutes section appears under the On/Off selector.

  6. Type a time interval in minutes or use the arrows to increase or decrease the time interval.
  7. Click OK to exit the Auto refresh pane.