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Add data from SharePoint


To addSharePoint lists to your map, the lists must first be spatially enabled (geocoded). To spatially enable lists, see Geocode lists containing address or place name data and Geocode lists containing coordinate data.

ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint works directly with your organization's SharePoint data, allowing you to use spatially enabled content in your SharePoint site and add it to the ArcGIS Maps web part. Adding data from SharePoint is a quick way to add content to your map to complement existing information. For example, you may have SharePoint data showing proposed store locations to add to your map of household income census data to visually analyze trends.

With ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint, you can add spatially enabled lists containing addresses or place names, or lists containing coordinate data, to your map. Once added, they become layers in your map.

  1. Place the map in edit mode.

    Only layers that are added while the ArcGIS Maps web part is in edit mode are saved with the map.

  2. Sign in to ArcGIS if you are not already signed in.
  3. From the Add data menu, select from SharePoint.

    A list of spatially enabled SharePoint lists displays. By default, the list includes all geoenabled lists in the current SharePoint subsite.

  4. To change the subsite, type the subsite's path in the URL field, or choose a different subsite from the drop-down menu.
  5. From the list of available data, click the button next to a list to expand its contents.

    Depending on how your list view is configured, the contents may list one or more subsets of the list, or only All items.

    You can add several lists at the same time by expanding other lists and checking the appropriate boxes.

  6. Click Add.

    A layer containing the data is added to the map and is listed in the Contents pane.