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Prepare SharePoint data

Esri Maps for SharePoint allows you to add content to the Map web part from several sources, including SharePoint lists in your site collection, external SQL server tables, and ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS). Before data from SharePoint lists or external SQL server tables can be added to the map, the list items must be spatially enabled (geocoded) using the Esri Maps Locate workflow. See the table below for information on how to spatially enable and add the different types of data you have.

Data source

Process to add to a map

SharePoint list with address data

Run the Esri Maps Locate workflow. See Add lists containing address or place-name data.

SharePoint list with place names such as U.S. city, U.S. state, and World country.

Run the Esri Maps Locate workflow. See Add lists containing address or place-name data.

SharePoint list with coordinate data

Add the Esri Maps Location field to the existing list. See Add lists containing coordinate data.

External SQL Server tables

Run the Esri Maps Connect workflow to create a connection to the external content. The Esri Maps Connect workflow includes the Esri Maps Locate workflow. See Connect to external data.

ArcGIS (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS)

No geocoding necessary. See Add data from ArcGIS.

Import Excel spreadsheet data

There are several best practices for importing Excel spreadsheets that will be used with Esri Maps for SharePoint:

  • Ensure your spreadsheet contains no blank columns or rows.
  • Ensure each column has a header (title).
  • Be aware that SharePoint takes the first text column in your spreadsheet and sets that as the title field with a hyperlink to the original spreadsheet. See SharePoint lists III: Create a list based on a spreadsheet. The JavaScript-based Esri Maps Web Part does not include hyperlinked fields when adding data to the map (that is, content in the title field will not appear in pop-ups). This means that you may need to modify your default list view in SharePoint to include the appropriate fields for displaying information in pop-ups and for connecting web parts.
  • Use Internet Explorer to import data from an Excel spreadsheet; Chome and Firefox browsers do not support importing Excel data into SharePoint.